Bigg Boss 3 : Kamaal Khan as Bigg Boss

Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK is back in his colors as he goes around inciting everyone about who nominated the Bigg Boss housemates for the titles of ‘Jealous’, ‘Manipulative’ and ‘Selfish’. They all start thinking about who wrote their names for the titles.

Bigg Boss says that since they didn’t do the previous week’s weekly task properly so they all are nominated this week. This is met by an outwardly cool stance by all, but inside everyone is quiet shaken as the finale is quiet near and all want to see themselves as the finalists.

Bigg Boss calls Kamaal in the confession room and assigns them their weekly task title ‘Bigg Boss – Kamaal Khan’. As per the task, Kamaal will now be playing the role of Bigg Boss and is given all the authorities till the end of this task.

As for the housemates, they need to perform the tasks which will be assigned to them by their new Bigg Boss – Kamaal. To fetch daily food allowances housemates needs to perform tasks and in case of any problems, they can share it with the new Bigg Boss (Kamaal) at the table which is been placed outside the confession room.

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  1. i think , the one & only RAJU SHRIVASTAVA will be the final winner of big boss 3…. bcs no body hv capacity among all the participants except raju ,,,, jo ki poore hindustaan ka dil jeet le….
    LAGE RAHO “””””THE GREAT RAJU BHAI “”””””””” hum aapke saath hain

  2. Gud to see dat big bos has made a new big boss kamal khan
    its gud to see jab kamal sab ghar valo ki aisi taisi pherega

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