Kamaal’s second innings in Bigg Boss house end

Bigg Boss announced that the eviction process would shortly begin. It caused all of the contestants of the show to run amok, because the eviction day is on the tomorrow.

The popular choice to be evicted was Baktiyaar and Kamaal Rashid Khan. And the popular choice to win the Bigg Boss Season 3 was Pravesh and Vindu. Vindu had tears in his eyes, as he was quite a popular choice. Later Bigg Boss announces one by one that so-&-so is safe and at last asks Baktiyaar and KRK to proceed to the exit. There they all bid goodbyes and all, when suddenly Bigg Boss asks Baktiyaar to bid goodbye to KRK, who is leaving the show, as his reign as a wild card entry ends now.

Baktiyaar heaves a sigh of relief as this was just a mock eviction for him, and is suddenly relaxed.

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  1. Breaking News :

    Vindu Dara Singh is out from the bigg boss’s house. He was one of the strongest house mates in the house to win bigg boss. He was beaten by the other house mates.

  2. When ever Bhaktiyar is nominated for eviction big boss nominates all the contestants. There is some partiality shown towards Bhaktiyar. If he has to go he should go thats all. We dont want to see Bhaktiyar in the show. There is lots of politics played by BIGG Boss. We have observed that right from begining when ever Bhaktiyar is nominated he will be given some task or he will be saved from nominations. This is very very unfair among other contestants. Last time Bhaktiyar was unanimously nominated and Cricketer was evicted, second time Raju Srivastav and now Claudia. This not fair on Big Boss part.

  3. amitabh sir
    bigg bose 3 bahut achcha hai kyunke app is show main hai.aur main chahata tha ke bigg bose kamal jeete kyunki ghar wale unko bahar kiye the.magar hum sab ka vote kamal ko jeetana hoga.aur app ki tho har ada bahut achchi hothi hai.main chahat ho ke app kamal ke film main kaam kare.thanx

  4. want to participate in bb4

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