Bigg Boss 3 : Claudia Ciesla is out,Vindu Dara Singh in secret room

Its Official, Claudia Ciesla is out from the bigg boss’s house. She was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 3.

After Claudia’s departure from the show, the host of the show Amitabh Bachchan asked all the contestants to say the name of one person whom they would like to see evicted from the show today. The popular choice was Vindu, and he was evicted from the house. Later in a chat with Amitabh Bachchan, the host said that he needn’t be worried because he is still a contestant on the show.

He will now stay in a secret room in the Bigg Boss house and watch all the happenings of the house and hear all the conversations too. He seemed reluntact to accept the opportunity, but later readily agreed too. He jumped at the opportunity to spy on all the Bigg Boss housemates, and see what they are talking about him

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  1. Sala pravesh vindu AB ki video dekh kar woh baat pe nahi aa raha ki mardo wali zuban di thi ki ghar chodkar jauga are woh kaha gia open mard ka challenge bola tha tu kaun hota hai decide karne wala ki janta vindu ko nahi chahti accha bhai bhagwan bachae iss sanskari baap ke sanskari bete ko

  2. Sala pravesh vindu AB ki video dekh kar vindu ki kahi woh baat pe nahi aa raha ki mardo wali zuban di thi ki ghar chodkar jauga are woh kaha gia open mard ka challenge tu kaun hota hai decide karne wala ki janta vindu ko nahi chahti

    accha bhai bhagwan bachae iss sanskari baap ke sanskari bete ko

  3. Not enjoying Big Boss season 3. Amit Ji (with Due Respects) seems very biased (rather a lawyer of Vindu dara Singh).. Shilpa was doing it better 🙂

  4. OMG, what kind of JOKE was that, How dare those freaks tried sending Vindu out of show, he’s the reason I watch this show.
    My instant reaction was to fly from Canada to India and personally slap and bitch out ASSSSHOLE bakhtiyar and that shit hole Pravesh idiot.

    LOVE YOU VINDU, you have my love and prayers, YOU are my winner and i know you are going to WIN THIS SHOW, cuz you are the TIGER:):):, and TIGER always win no matter what.

  5. Dear friends at this Blog,

    I have been watching this show online from US. Many times thought of writting the posts on this side after watching Vindu, the Great. But could not do that due to my business. I do regularly watch the show Online but Today I cannot stop myself from subscribing my self. What a Man Vindoo is REALLY GEM. Its hard to find a true man like and thats why he is being loved by almostevery one, watching this show or blogging here.

    I have became a Fan of Vindoo. I have read all the comments today and liked the expert comments from Ranjan, Aditi, tukli_funda, Navyaa, kkkhan. Damm Good!!!!

    Pravesh, for whom most of the guys are taking him to the finals, and he may make it there too, (Hands down to BB3 for this) doesnt deserves to be in final 6 also. He would have evicted before Raju. Worst person in BB3.

    Raju was also a right Man untill he started aligning away from Vindoo. Actually that became a reason of his eviction.

    Other then Vindoo there is only one character whom i loved and the person is Poonam. She has got the perfect blend of Beauty wid Brain. She is also true at heart and doesnt afraid of calling Spade a Spade.

    I hope i will be able to post few more posts now.

    India: Pleeeese Vote for VINDOO THE GREAT.

    See u later….


  6. If Bindoo is evicted in this fashion-it is unethical. The house mates are all too selfish and afraid of his popularity. It is no way justified that Pravesh, Aditi and Bakhtiyar,who are too mean minded should be given a chance to exercise eviction at this point.
    Bindoo and Poonam Dhilon are two rightfully popular choices for being finalists.
    Otherwise it is a farsh of bigboss and wastage of our money and time to watch this show so far.

  7. I would lik tell u dat all d public thinks dat ur show is scripted… Becoz Vidhu Dara Singh is being given preference in all d episodes… As no1 likes him outside d bigg boss house… Raju Shirivastav sucha big star was sent out even after sucha huge fan following… Dis is enough as n examle dat Bigg Boss 3 is all fake… N ppl don lik ur show onli becoz Vindhu is still der…

  8. Hey all…i was watching the show for a few days now..and i would like to share a few thoughts..

    a) Pravesh Rana is the epitome and the norm of sanity..i find him the most complete man individual..he is playing the game well and he deserves the maximum accolades and the “first position”..

    b) Poonam Dhillon says how dare a “foreigner” win bigg boss…she has repeatedly said that on the show…Guys…that is down right RACIST…she has made a racist comment..if this had been the west or anywhere in the world, she would have been labelled a “racist”..i am labelling her “racist”

    c) she talks about indian culture…there are videos of her on bigg boss where she is showing her CLEAVAGE !!! – comeon thats NOT INDIAN..she is wearing a salwar and she is flaunting her cleavage…and she has a problem Pravesh talking to Claudia talking till 2 in the night…

    Guys…why is she still on the show !!!!

    Let logic prevail..


  9. What ever people say Vindu dhara singh is deserved to be winner.

  10. प्रवेश ने अगर बिग बॉस को मन से खेला होता तो आज घर में यूँ मुँह लटकाना नही पड़ता पर…….उसने तो लोगों के मन से खिलवाड़ किया है…..और मन सिर्फ़ एक में ही लगाया…… पूनमजी पर कटाक्ष करने वाला प्रवेश शायद ये भूल गया था कि पूनमजी ने आगे बढ़ कर कुछ नही कहा था उनसे तो पुछा गया था और उन्होंने कुछ भी ग़लत नहीं कहा….दरअसल प्रवेश को हर किसी की बात काटने की एक बीमारी है….अरे पहले लोगों का दिल तो जीत ले बेटा……..गेम क्या खाक जीतेगा…..

  11. Please do not Vote for Vindu. He is a Mental, Loose,

  12. i think bhaktiyar could win…..he is only the 1 i think who should win….my vote goes to vindu…i realy dint lyk him on the show

  13. I think if Vindu and Poonam do not out before grand final from big boss house then big boss is pre fix because:

    1) Why hand grenade on Bakhtyaaar irani not remove when vindu return back home from secret room.
    2) After the nomination process end only Vindu and Poonam highlighted on TV untill thursday night and most of the clip was cut for Bakhtyar and Aditi, WHY ?

    Poonam and Vindu never have healthy discussion as both of them only discuss greivances at back of other member which is a henious act. Its evident Vindu is mentally sick person as he awlays weep specially when he talk to Mr. Amitabh Bachan without any reason.These two member is dirtiest among present member which any sensible human can understand.If these member retain till grand final then its clear that Big boss is fix.

  14. hi bigg boss
    ager vindu dara singh jeet gaya to main bigg boss dekhnaa he chod dungiiiiiii main kiya puri dubai (u.a.e,)nahi dekhagi mera vote only poonam ji ko hai she is very nice.

  15. i am big fan of when i was 11 years now i am 27 years i still unable to why you cant become big name in cricket you have great skill ti do so

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