Bigg Boss 3 : Pravesh is the 1st finalist of the show, rest are nominated for Eviction

Today was the last nomination day in Bigg Boss Season 3. Pravesh was immune to the nomination process, as his ladylove Claudia had saved him from nomination when she was being evicted, with the hand-grenade power that she had. When Vindu was evicted to the secret room, then he had used his hand grenade power and nominated Baktiyaar. So Bigg Boss made it clear that nobody could take their names while nominating.

Aditi was left with no choice as she nominated Poonam and Vindu. Vindu nominated Aditi and Poonam. Poonam nominated Aditi and Vindu. Pravesh nominated Vindu and Poonam. And Baktiyaar nominated Vindu and Poonam. So barring Pravesh, all are nominated for the week.

So now battle for eviction is between Vindu Dara Singh,Aditi Govitrikar,Bakhtiyar Irani and Poonam Dhillon

9 Responses to “Bigg Boss 3 : Pravesh is the 1st finalist of the show, rest are nominated for Eviction”

  1. Rana should be out of show.
    Please throw out Pravesh from this show…

  2. vindu should not win the show….
    either poonam or bakhtyar should win…

  3. sir vinji win the bigboss public openion if vinduji nahi jitate ham dost big boss dekna band kar dege because honest person

  4. Bindu will win this bigboss season 3

  5. Bindu will win this game.
    Poonam is the best .
    Irespect and love both of them .Ithink both ae the winner.
    Adity is SO selfish.
    Bhaktiyar is Double personality.
    Pravesh is not deserve to win this game because he has no respect for senior citizen.

  6. BIGG BOSS give them Continuous Task one after the other so that they don’t get time to gossip about the other. we are realy getting fed up/bored to she the same drama and the same repeated story. It seems like we are seeing the repeated episode again and again this week.
    So give them task so that we can see some new things.

  7. its a FLop show interest now…big boss jisko chayee nikal de eand jiskoo chayee final khilaa dee..only TP game

  8. big boss pravesh and bakhityar should be evicatedand vindu should vin the game

  9. Vindu will win big boss3

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