Bigg Boss 3 : Pravesh declares war against Vindu and Poonam

After Bakhtiyaar’s voluntary exit the episode begins with Bakhtiyaar’s Akhari Salam with Amitabh Bachchan where he shares his views and thoughts on the game.

With only five days to go for the finale, Bigg Boss decides to give an opportunity to the housemates to seek votes from the viewer’s through campaigning. Housemates are seen appealing for votes to the viewers to win the Bigg Boss title.

Pravesh who is angry with Vindu’s comment passes a message in front of the camera that from now on he is going to face the duo fearlessly and will show them the power of the common man.

On other side, Poonam and Vindu are seen conversing about Pravesh’s ruthless reaction towards them.

Late at night Pravesh has decided to take revenge and is seen throwing all the basic food allowance in the swimming pool so that Poonam and Vindu starve.

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  1. A PERSON WHO DISRESPECT THE FOOD, CANT RESPECT ANYONE. Big boss is pagal (Parvesh Rana) ko ghar se bahar nikaalo. This dog has gone mad and can bite anyone. Good luck Poonam Ji and Vindu Bhai

  2. hi,
    bigg boss my whole family like big boss 3; last episode 22 Dec very shocking ….. pravesh rana ko ab Dr ki jaroorat hai apne aap ko aam aadmi kahta hai aur aisi giri hue harkate karna shobha nahi deta, jin logo ne 20-30 sal is line bitaye hue hai aap unhi par sawal utha rahe ho, aapki umar ke to unhe bacche hai unhe aap sikhaonge kya ? pool me khane ki chije dal ke kya hasil kar lenge? itna hi apne aapko achha samjhate to pahle hi aap nikal jaate jab vindu ji ne bigg boss se nahi nikle jaat apne juban ke pakke hote hai phir aapne ye bhul kaise kardi

  3. If I am not wrong last time a common man wins the BigBoss2.
    Not by bad means.
    mind the language before commenting aganist anyone

  4. pravesh you are not a good person. don’t ever call yourself a common man because it is an insult of a common man.

  5. pravesh you suck

  6. pravesh you are never going to get love of common man as you have let him down

  7. you are acting cheap in the name of war pravesh

  8. yeh (pravesh) aam aadmi ki baat karta hai lakin es se koi puchhe ki kya koi aam aadmi food ka niradar karega kya. isko to abhi big boss ke ghar se bahar nikal dena chahiye


  9. poonam or vindu mei se ek ko jitna chahiye

  10. Big boss

    This is absolutely rediculas. Pravesh ne jo kiya,who totally galat hai.Idhar India mein kayi aisi families hai jo dane dane ko moutaj hai. Aur ae jo usne poora khana/food wastage kiya,ye to masti wali baat ho gayi. Common Man, Comman Man wo dhong kar raha hai. I am also common Man,but main aise dhongi aadmi ko maf nahi kar sakta.He is Cyco gui. Usko lagta hai ki common man ka naya natak kar ke sympathy milegi,pur poore india walo,ye pravesh ki baton ki tarabh dhyan mat do. So Bigboss us ko Saja do ya to usko Ghar se nikalo. Yeh admi sabse ghatiya aadmi hai

  11. vindu bhi bahut time bakwas kar deta hai is liye poonam ko jitna chahiye

  12. Dear all
    I dont think pravesh is the right contender to win big boss.
    he is doing all these intentionaly.
    he did the same thing when raju , vindu and he nominated.
    So he is creating scean only for vote.
    I personally prefer Vindu,who has shown good heart.

  13. Vindu is the most hateful human being I have ever seen and it is quite obvious that he has paid loads of money to be voted for. How can he survive after six nominations. I would not be surprised if even the prize money is provided by him to ensure he is the winner. It would be the biggest shame if he walks away as the winner. The show is clearly for the one who can buy votes …. there should be a hate campaign against vindu the biggest ass hole in the whole world

  14. Mr. Pravesh Rana [What a stupid man] – just 4 days to go, starts a fight with Vindu and then in frustration throws all the basic food allowance in the swimming pool.

    What a disrespect towards food – the basic necessity for all mankind. He probably knows that millions of people in India starve everyday to death, People work hard all day to earn those few chappati’s or rice or dal to feed their family. People can leave with less money but cannot survive without food.

    What Pravesh has done yesterday is totally not ACCEPTABLE and if i was BIGG BOSS i would have evicted him from show immediately without giving him a reason or asking him for a reason.

    I will be surprised if he is not evisted today and continues with the show.

    Even after BIGG BOSS telling him to keep his calm he acted very funning or should i say eccentric.

    What is Pravesh trying to proof ?. He thinks he is an Angry Young Man or rather a common man (aam aadmi) who gets frustrated with minor fights and looses all his cool.

    Rather an Aam Aadmi has more patience, when ever he falls – he learns – he gets up and then he fights, make himself strong , analysis things and then acts.

    I always thought Pravesh had good chances of winning the show but seeing yesterdays episode I am Sorry Pravesh – “Even if you win … you have a lot to learn from life, your senior”


  15. pravesh rana jeshe loga ko ase so me lena nehi chahia tha itena ganda usse 100% rohit acha tha jo khudko acha batata hi wo sabse stupid hai

  16. Dekho ab yeh pravesh kutta agaya hai asliyat per…………….how can such a hypocrite behave,,,,,,,,,,,,,bhediya kahin ka,,,,,,,,,,,,ab chaar din bache hain tu usey dar sataney laga hai ki kahin wo haar na jaye in celebs k beechme aur ab publicity paney k liye cheap games khelrahe hai calling it elan-e-jung bastered,,,,,,,,,,,,jis ka khata hai usiko rulane ki planning daal raha hai aur wo bechari ponam uske khana na khaney per pareshaan hai,,,,,,,,yeh tu rakhi sawant ka bhai nikla yar,,,,,,kya kya karrha hai news me baney rehne k liye,,,,,,,,,,usey samajh agaya that he is going to loose that’s y he is doing these baseless cheap activities jis thali me khata hai usime ched karta hai sala pig worstest pig…….bakre ko kato tu dam nikalne se pehle thoda phadphadata hai na bilkul waisa hi kuch karraha hai yeh bhediya isney soocha 4 din bachein hain ab kya karon k log mujhe is show k baad kaam dein tu yeh karrha hai kutta

  17. This show is One & only Big (B) i like and Second Big B Show All members Hit & Fit is Mr. Vindy Darasing. Last nigth praveshV/s Vindu war is totaly bed & not respect of elder this is not good for pravesh.Pls. Big Boss Iam request to u as soon as prevesh quit Or Dismisses of this geme.

  18. thnks But this is not good Pls. stoped to tell pravesh.Mr. Vindu is aged men + good humanbin natura. Big Boss each & every people Ploting +planing(same showing But same are not show)

  19. i likw tgis show But please change Rules If r u requirment iam say same.

  20. pravesh rana’s behaviour is totally just reflects his low self esteem and lack of self confidence!!he owes the nation an apology!!like a frustrated victim of avarice his total disregard for food items is appaling..his anger and hostility just highlights his upbringing!we are as a nation very poor and there are millions who starve everyday..its very apparent mr rana is insensitive to consequences of his actions!!
    Thumbs down!!if this guy makes to the big screen or TV..shame on us!!ALSO!!

  21. So far Prabesh Rana is the worst contestant who has no manners, useless attitude and ill mannered….dude widen up ur mind and heart and stop playing this COMMON MAN card, it is we the common man watching you from outside… I even dont like Vindu Dara singh, but at least this guy has some qualities which are straight forward….i favour for Poonam who showed no anger and anguish of being cheap to win a title…Dude prabesh rana shame on you for throwing away the food…millions are carving for food, rather you would hav thrown away the same thing out of compound ….shame prabesh shame on you!!! this is wat a common man does??? shame

  22. shame prabesh shame on you….

  23. I think Vindu ko kuch jyada hi Ghamand ho gaya hai………

    Confidence is different thing but baar baar bolna ki wahi jeetney wala hai its not good

  24. Pravesh is non sense person ! he is black mailing the audience … peoples are not a fool like him…

    vindu & poonamji deserve to title … plz vote both … out the pravesh rana …

    if he is common man… common man does not behave like him….


  25. it is very sad to c that Parvesh calls himself common man& he threw all food in POOL>
    how can he waste food.
    food is GOD GIFT,it is criminal to waste food & throw in water.
    he can never b COMMON MAN, How can he be MR INDIA.BIGBOSS should punish him immediately

  26. Bigg Boss,
    We want Pravesh Rana to quit….he is a great idiot…a common man would never support him…

    pl do the needful…

  27. We welcome the war by Parvesh Rana against Bindu Dara Singh and Poonam Dillon. In this situation an Indian will always start this type of reaction basically who is young and dynamic because every person is not Mahatma Gandhi. Now this is the war of richest persons and middle public who always tolerate and use the general public for their purpose.

  28. i dont know why pravesh rana keeps on yelling he is the common man,though as we all know he is also a celeb may be not that famous and is frustated with his status as Mr India…so he is just trying to gain publicity may be by doing such non sense stuff like wasting all eatables of the house..such a thing can never be done by a common man who know the importance of food…
    Such things should never be done…on reality TV or even in reality..i strongly condemn it..

  29. Big Boss – us sanki pagal ko ghar se nikalo. Usae easa karte dekh bachoo pe bura asar pad raha hai – if he is not thrown out, kids and teenagers would think that they can do away with offensive acts without any penalty.

  30. we support you parivesh rana in fight of a comman man against big celebrities in the house. just keep on fighting on this issue. also unmask your competitors especially the big bully who has been in the house since beginning. hey big bully i am one person who does not like you since you were unable to find persons who disliked you.

  31. i think vindu should nt win at all tats it he iz really irritating n annoying so if he wins thn i will nevr watch big bosssssssss

  32. pravesh`S WORK NOT GOOD !

  33. Bigg Boss is so damn biased… when pravesh throws a few grocery items into the pool out of frustration, everyone thinks he’s the bad one. When Vindu threatens pravesh about his “Aaukad” and tells him he only earns peanuts and people like vindu in movies make lots of money, and threatens him that he won’t get a role, no one thinks he’s being bad. When Kamal came to the Bigg Boss house as a guest, he was offered Evian water and imported milk, and not to mentioned all the other imported food. A bottle of Evian costs more than 100 rs, and he used to get five of them in a day, and lets not even talk about the cost of the imported milk and fruits that he used to get everyday. How come no one had any thought about that? If big boss could spend so much money wasting it on KRK, why doesn’t he spend it all on some street kids who don’t get one meal a day? The cost of one bottle of Evain water can feed a poor family an entire day. Doesnt big boss that that’s unfair?
    Such a biased show, seriously… Pravesh threatened Vindu’s connections, and now Pravesh has to pay the price. I even heard that Vindu is Akshay Kumar’s thug, and they are very close. I think Akshay kumar and his gang wanted big boss to make life difficult for Pravesh Rana, and make everyone hate him, especially after Rana said, “Now let’s see what your rich friends can do to give you food”. I’ve really started hating even Akshay kumar now, he’s got such a fake ego, and he’s so fake, just like Vindu. As they say, birds of a feather, flock together. Please vote for Pravesh Rana and help a regular guy like him win the show, and show people like Vindu and Akshay Kumar that money isn’t everything in life. For a guy who was a waiter himself before becoming a hero, Akshay Kumar has a lot of ego about his status, even his behaviour at big boss was so arrogant. Even with Katrina Kaif in an interview, he was so arrogant and humiliated her about her acting skills. It’s just shocking. People like Vindu and Akshay Kumar need to learn a few lessons about Humility. And they need to know that they are celebrities only because of the “Aam Janta”. Vote for Pravesh Rana. Show the world that we the people can make a difference. And we, together, are stronger than a few people’s money.

  34. I think keeping Pravesh rana in hte house anymore will be hte biggest disgrace for biggg boss 3.. he is a rascal, a psycho and is capable of only saying big big words which he DOESN’T follow AT ALL in his own life.. his throwing the stuff in the pool reminds me of jilted lovers who go to any extent when denied love..he is a COMPLETE PSYCHO AND SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THE SHOW IMMEDIATELY!!!! Vindoo is hte true winner….

  35. pravesh doesn’t represent common man at all! i refuse to believe that common man is so stupid, idiotic and so devoid of respect for elders..he is not an Indian..he is so different from Ashutosh who won last year because of his natural self..pravesh IN TOTAL IS JUST A FACADE! if there is no action taken against him, we’ll be REALLY DISAPPOINTED…

  36. प्रवेश राणा दरअसल एक मानसिक रोगी लगता है…..
    बिन्दु भाई ने सही कहा कि यदि ये प्रतियोगिता नहीं जीत पाया तो क्या पता सचमुच पगला जाए……….
    प्रवेश अभी बिग बॉस के घर में अपने ही किये का फल भोग रहा है…….
    उसके मन में दूसरों के लिए सिर्फ गंदी सोच भरी हुई है, दूसरों के लिए खोदे हुए गड्ढे में आज ये ख़ुद ही गिर गया……

    हाय रे क्लॉडिया क्या मस्त स्ट्रेटेजी है तुम्हारे प्यारे प्रवेश की……… अगर तुमने प्रवेश को अपनी जिंदगी में प्रवेश दिया, किसी भी एंगल से, तो बस समझ लो गई भैंस पानी में……

    प्रवेश कॉमन मैन-कॉमन मैन करके लोगों को भ्रमित करने की कोशिश ना करे……
    बिग बॉस के घर में दो दिन में उसने जो कुछ भी किया है उससे वो हँसी का पात्र बन के रह गया है और कुछ नही………..
    जिंदगी में ऐसे लोग अपनी ऐसी-तैसि करवाते रहते हैं….प्रवेश लगता है उनमें से ही एक है..

    प्रवेश के अनुसार, “मैन आज तक कभी नहीं रोया…पर आज विंदु कि वजह से मेरी आँखो में आँसू आए” क्या बात है भाई बिन्दु क्या सबक सिखाया..एक तो आपने कुछ किया भी नही और सामने वाला डर के मारे रोने लगा….भाई दिल खुस कर दिया जियो और जितो…..

    दरअसल ये घूम-फिर के बस विंदु पे ही आता है…….
    जबकि इसका सबसे बड़ा शत्रु ये ख़ुद है……..
    अपनी तरक्की का सबसे बड़ा बाधक ये ख़ुद है…….

    बेटे ये आँसू तू तेरी वजह से पा रहा है….
    जैसी तेरी करनी है भगवान तुझे ऐसे आँसू देता रहे……

  37. Pravesh is a kala dhabba of his family! In the shade of aam admi he is just cheating the aam admi. AB, Dara Singh, Dharmendra etc. all was very much aam aadmi once, they struggled to being noticed as celebrity, by doing good karma. Not by hating the surrounding peoples.

    Vindu was right he is from a small town and very conservative in his thinking so he cannot think beyond the weal. I’m not sure how his parents being proud of him.

  38. Pravesh is not common man he is a Mr. India, so how is possible he is a common man and secondely common man like food and his need is food pravesh is not mr. india i think he is a bad man. mr. pravesh khane ka lihaj rakho aaj tune khana fek diya aisa na ho ek din khana tujhe ies duniya se phek de……

  39. hi big boss comon man,,but he is doing like gundas.rowdy.villan,in big boss house,he spoil comom man name.ssasm no him bad comon man rana throw him out today only big boss,

  40. Hi,

    Either Poonam or Vindu should win the show.
    If Pravesh win,next time everyone starts shouting common man and start behaving like non-sense Pravesh Kana.

    All welleducated man shouldvote for poonam or Vindu.

    If Pravesh win then consider Big boss is scripted, and no one willwatch this show. Still Pravesh is there means he has already told he can win,so do whatver so that Vindu will angry and we can told the indian people that Vindu was not deserve. But Pravesh is so dumb.Still he wins means he has already delacred winner by Bigg boss.

    Kindly think over it.

  41. hi big boss comon man,,but he is doing like gundas.rowdy.villan,in big boss house,he spoil comom man name.ssasm no him bad comon man rana throw him out today only big boss,

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