Bigg Boss Season 3 Winner

Finally decision has to come out for the winner of Bigg Boss season 3. Today winner will be announced by none other than Amitabh Bachchan.

Bigg Boss season 3 was controversial in many sense. Right now Poonam Dhillon, Vindu Dara Singh and Pravesh Rana are finalist for the title.

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  1. Bigg Boss 3 winner – Poonam Dhillon

  2. Big Boss
    ‘O’ No Bigboss. I really miss you after 26th December. Last 83 episodes, maine ek bhi show miss nahi kiya. please come back as early as possible on next year. But I will give summary of diiffernce between Bigboss-2 & Bigboss-3, shortly. My opinion is Bigboss season 2 is always better than the Bigboss-1 & 3


  3. vot for punam she is good i like her

  4. ya vot for punam

  5. she is so good woman

  6. season 3 was nice than 1,2.

  7. punam is good plz vot for her

  8. puman only one good bigg boss

  9. plz vot for punam sheis good

  10. fot for punam she is good woman p rana is not good

  11. Since it is the show of Big Glamor so there should be some changes in declaring result of Big Boss…..
    It should not be decided by Desk ka Aadesh because it might be possible that participant may have given money to their friends or relatives to vote for them.

    So Big Boss winner should be declared with the vote of the people who has already went outside from the BigBoss house. Because they better know who is the best among these three. Also if possible then thru vote atleast one more participant should be taken from those 10 people to increase the competition.

    I am telling this because Big Boss is a house and the people who cannot earn a friend in side a house should not be a Big Boss on the other hand people who earn the respect of rest of all participant of Big Boss house must be a Winner of Big Boss…


    Akhilesh Dixit

  12. vot for punam plz she is good

  13. p rana sorry feel karne se koch nej hota jo khna ap ne fika vo vpis nej aa sakta vase se

  14. pravesh rana apne thk nej keya duniya het you

  15. p rana ko koye maf nej kare ga

  16. poonam dhillo is very well playin in big boss game.she is best all of the players i want to meet abhtab bachan for organsation of this good game.
    thahking you,


  17. Poonam Dhillon………….Out

  18. i am very happy for vinduji its really fair he is a real hero congraits vindu but i am satisfy to eleminate poonamji well thankyou

  19. i liked the big boss 2 much and i appreciate the decision of the bog boss ..

  20. Friends,

    Let’s get into a little depth about the the show and always the self-proclaimed winner mr. vindu dara singh and now he is the winner. Hey vindu, please yaar be a man and stop crying all the times it doesn’t suits ur personality but if this is a real precious and valuable quality of how u cry and make others get sentimental well u’d always gain the sympathy dude..

    As we have all seen this show right from the day 1, there were like good guys bad guys just like we all see it in our daily lives. However, it’s a little sad that people who are celebrities (even tho they’re human too) and people really put up what anything they do and say and this is how we all see their nice revealing true identities in front of all of us and still we have to admit that none of is ever going to stop praising the rest of others even though we have no idea how inhuman and digusting they and their behaviours could be.

    Let’s see some tips how to become a winner for biggboss season 4

    1. Right from the day one you gotta show your attitude and mr. bigg boss thinks that oh this person gonna get alot of TRP’s and thats’ why he would never let the person go out.

    2. Second, the public of india is so emotional that all you have to do is to keep crying like a little child every now and then and you will gain all the sympathy.

    3. Third, every contestant who gets entry after the 4th or 5th week in bigg boss like a wild card entry he / she would never have bright chances to win the game because all the other people in the house will keep on talking and saying to each other that oh this person has came so late he doesn’t deserve to win this at all.

    4. Fourth, keep looking at the camera. keep talking to bigg boss that see bigg boss this guy is doing that, this lady is doing this and that..oh come on cut the crap. I must say vindu did a good home work and no wonder why he kept claiming right from the beginning that he will win the game and he actually did.

    5. Fifth, all you have to do is to do a little provocation to someone and when they burst out and start cursing each other, it’s the best time to look into the camera and start begging to people of india in the name of “desh ka aadesh crap” that see people this is what happening and you could always be on the safe side.

    6. Sixth, you have to talk about casteism factor and keep trying to give it a more caste factor B.S. The winning person, kept telling on the national television that jat is this.. jat is that..oh what a u all people believe that only jats are ruling the whole world..well i’d rather say kiss ur a** goodbye if you wanna keep telling the housemates about how big you are (even if ur not) and keep barking like on the national television about one particular caste and that to make a soft corner to gain more popularity and you know what this formula really works with many of the indians.

    7. Congratulations to biggboss for making another biggest mistake of all times to give the car again to the same person who has no knowledge or sense of style…As far as being getting bold is concerned, well it was either Bakhtiyaar or Pravesh who stood against Kamal and Vindu’s obnoxious comments and behaviours.

    So, you see people these are the few things which we should remember right from the beginning about how to win biggboss season 4 because this is what exactly going to happen next time, another next time and so on.. people will always be made fooled of their emotions and it’s always the wrong guy who is going to win and rule and of course not to forget and all the politicians just like they keep saying when the exit pole starts on the television that yeah it’s always “DESH KA AADESH”.. So, guys, if u wanna win the game..this is the real strategy.

    The only one and the very good thing about bigg boss season 3 was the mentor of this show…the one and only living legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan without whom this show wouldn’t have gained any such popularity which it did and that’s a little unfortunate..If this is how people gonna win these shows by SMS’s and on the basis of popularity by crying, shouting, plotting, planning, screaming, emotional dramas, pulling up the caste factor, making people feel that they are low profile…looks kind of disgusting but this is what this show is all about.

    At the end of the day we should never expect any legitimate person to be a real winner of this show because when a person really decides to put up a game show in front of billions of people watching t.v. then he/she would do just about anything to make it look their identity the superior one and it doesn’t matter who stands with them or against but they are just concerned about themselves..and yea let’s congratulate vindu for becoming the winner..thank god he won otherwise he would have died of some heart attack crying the whole times. Thank you bigg boss for making him the winner. You really did a good job saving someone’s life.

  21. aditi was the only house mate who played fairgame.vindu the manipulator won it’s very sad

  22. Stylish Contestant of big boss is aditi ,,,,,,,,,,,..//supp seno

  23. vindu winning bigg boss is the biggest disaster in bigg boss history..

  24. give chance to a ordinary people too so that rana would know that this game is not fraud so i expect u would give chance to south indian people too

  25. it was good that pravesh could not win this game. Not only the bigboss or people, almighty God will not forgive him for his act. Vindu deserves the prize. He is realy a good man but it was very unfair that he again and again used word “JAT”. There should not be any room for castism in the big boss. Big Boss pls note it. anyway i liked the programme very much. I never missed any episode.Thank u very much BIG BOSS for good entertainment.Hope u will come again very soon.

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