Kamal Khan breaks the rules : KRK used mobile daily

Bigg Boss Season 3 which ended recently got a shock from one of its participants, Kamal Khan who confesses breaking the key rule of house.KRK one of the members of Bigg Boss 3 house has revealed in a TV intereview today that he he used mobile. Kamal Khan used mobile phone in Bigg Boss season on both the times he entered into bigg boss 3 house.

Kamal Khan revealed that he took 5-6 batteries when he went inside big boss house first. Kamal Khan went with charger when he eneterd into bigg boss 3 second time.

Kamal confessed that he took the phone with him both the time he entered the house and used it very discreetly.
When asked why he did so, KRK said tht he canot live without his cellphone even a day as he has to check his ‘business’ daily.

Kamal Khan has challenged that he can show using mobile into bigg boss house if bigg boss organizers pay him good amount. Kamal Khan also said he can show camera footage also which was shot in bigg boss house.

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