Sneha Ullal in Bigg Boss 4?

Remember Sneha Ullal (Lucky, No Time for Love)? The actress whose claim to fame is being Aishwarya Rai’s look alike?

After failing to make a mark in B-town, Sneha did a handful of films down south. But her second attempt at fame might happen in the new Bigg Boss house.

There’s a strong buzz doing the rounds that Sneha has been approached by the production house (Endemol) and is in talks to be part of the show.

With Sallu as the host, we wonder what would be his thoughts on the lass!
sneha ullal 3

4 Responses to “Sneha Ullal in Bigg Boss 4?”

  1. i thnk it wuld be very nice if sneha ullal comes to bigg boss house she is very cute and pretty

  2. she is hot babe, sneha ullal would love to see her

  3. I think she cant win the game

  4. You can only found people from pakistan whom are having bad reputation only atleast one with good cracter

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