Shakti Kapoor in Bigg Boss Season 4? ‎

The bad man of bollywood, Shakti Kapoor is in news now. No no there is no sting operation that’s happening but according to the latest news buzzing, Shakti Kapoor has been approached for Bigg Boss.

There are talks going on with the Bollywood actor and Shakti might just be in the reality show this year. Apparently he was approached for one of the previous seasons, but things didn’t work out at that time. But, now Shakti is likely to take up the offer.

Let’s see if Shakti Kapoor can be seen in Bigg Boss with some aaaaooo effect!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if others, as in the common man and women can also participate in Big Boss season 4, and if we can or rather, others besides celebrities can, how do we do that. I am interested in participating. Can I??? And If I can, how can I????

    Please let me know.


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