Veena Malik in Bigg Boss 4

Following her well-timed revelations on the national television at her home country, after the spot hit Pakistan cricket, Veena Malik might soon find her way in the new season of Bigg Boss 4, also starring Salman Khan. Dubbed as Pakistan’s most controversial TV personality, Veena Malik made it big within almost all cricket playing nations when she said she would provide proof of Mohammad Asif’s involvement in the spot fixing imbroglio, and his links with the Indian bookmakers.

This was confirmed by sources who said the channel had been eyeing her as a prime contestant for the popular reality show Bigg Boss ever since the scandal exploded.

Apparently, Malik, who has so far interacted with the Indian media with cultivated disdain, was initially dismissive about the show. “However, she quickly warmed up to the idea, and could barely conceal her excitement at the prospect of being on a show which is being hosted by Salman Khan,” According to sources.

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  1. ap k sath asif nai bhot galat kiya hai .
    mai soch nahi sakta k asif aisa insan hai .khai jo bhe howa ajj dekho uski bari khuda us k sath bhe kar raha tc by love

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