Bigg Boss’s inmates will share a common bedroom

Bigg Boss’s female and male inmates will share a lot of things including beds and bathrooms

The Salman Khan-hosted new season of Bigg Boss will have one bedroom common for all the 14 contestants.

What’s more is that there will be only one single bed while all the others will be double beds. Also, there will be only two common bathrooms and toilets for both the male and female participants.

This is a major change from the previous seasons that had separate sleeping and bathroom areas for the men and women.

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  1. im manoj sonawane hi saiman khan im vare happe

  2. nice will keep update of the highlights Salman..i think the next one you should ask film stars to participate in Big in Fiji Islands we watch it and many of us suggest Film Actor and Actress should come in the next season to give a more taste to this shows…i saw the Rakhi Sawant dance….dont tell me you did not enjoy it…cool stuff bro…all the best for this season..


    Shamal Vishwa

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