Format of Bigg Boss Season 4

‘Bigg Boss’ presents the unique combination of reality and real unscripted drama. It is the ultimate reality show where 14 handpicked strangers are locked in a house, for close to 85 days – with 35 cameras following their every move 24×7 and Bigg Boss, the ultimate authority in the house who ensures that their stay is anything but comfortable. As the 14 hand-picked contestants vie with each other to survive in the Bigg Boss house, irritation, backbiting and backstabbing reach its prime. This is one show that brings out the best and the worst side of contestants.

6 Responses to “Format of Bigg Boss Season 4”

  1. i 2 wanna enter big boss house………… how cn i……….?

  2. salmaan rocks

  3. salmaan hi jaan hai iss show ki
    aur to saare bus aise hi hai

  4. i see what you did there

  5. good ta see salman hosting the programme and ill love ta see anchals out of bigg boss season 4 sooooooooooooon cus i hate herv she just thinks she is soo pretty well she ain’t……….

  6. Hi
    I Love bigg boss and the way the game goes its wawwwwwww…… but its not much interested has Bigg boss3. The housemate of 3 ware very active and very sportive.In 4 they looks like they are very tired and not much active. Kindly tell me how to enter this house? I am very interested to join this game.

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