Salman Khan : The Bindass Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss season 4 host is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Salman is going to take the excitement new high. He is going to be his spontaneous best, read, brutally honest and blunt with the inmates of the Bigg Boss house! Housemates, who used to eagerly await their face time with the host, will now pray to avoid their ‘face-off’ time with him. In the earlier seasons of Bigg Boss on COLORS, the host acted as the housemates’ friend, philosopher and guide – but now with Salman as the host, all is set to change – as the host becomes ‘HOSTyle’… sympathy turns into apathy, emotional support is replaced by reprimand or ridicule and the so called bridge between the inmates, no longer there. While Salman will be a friend for those who play it clean…he is going to be hostile to those who indulge in manipulations, back-biting and politics.

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  1. arey guru tum bhi entry mar lo big boss ke ghar mein…kyun salmaan bhai .. maroge kabhi… ya nahi ..

  2. nice to see you sallu miya, you are the real bigg boss. Suited character.

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