Veena Malik breaks down on Bigg Boss 4

The drama of Bigg Boss 4 has not yet started when the Pakistani actress Veena Malik, voiced out her side of the story to add more spice to it. On Tuesday’s episode, she was seen clearly alleging her ex boyfriend Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif for the match fixing scandal.

While talking to Shweta Tiwari about her love life, Veena shared her story of her relationship with Asif. A weeping Veena declared that she is “single and wants to remain so for the next two to four upcoming years.” When asked about temporary flings, she stated that she is “religiously a one man woman.”

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  1. Veena is a loser. Hope she gets sent home soon.

  2. She should understand that she represents her country, just like any person represents his or her country in a foreign land. And by her behaviour, she is portraying Pakistanis as intolerant, hypersensitive and incapable of accepting constructive feedback.

    I mean, even I am a non-vegetarian, but that does not mean that I should be intolerant of the religious sentiments of other people. Hrishant just asked her not to pour used oil back in the oil canister, since that was used for all cooking, and she had fried eggs in that. What was so wrong in that ? She could have said, Ok. Instead she started, of…. “Tho ? Tho ? Kya ho gaya?” That may be acceptable behaviour in her country, not in mine. She has basically forced everyone in that house to eat egg flavoured things.

    And she called her husband mental. She must have made him mental.

  3. I think this is her personal matter; we should not try to push our nose inside her personal story.”baki sawari apne saman ki khud jimmedar hai” At the movement she is our guest. Indian government gave visa to her. “baki app khud bahut siyane hai”
    I noticed Hrishnat sir always try to be smart in big boss house.
    While Shilpa was in Big Brother in UK, every single person was supporting her, even white people as well, Shilpa was also a foreigner. She was not treated as Veena by Hrishant sir.

  4. I Like veena malik very-very-very much.

  5. veena malik is very good , and cant blame her on that
    if she is a non veg, she never force to have non long as she is the contestant in the show , she has the right to do so,
    this kind of vulgar comments make our contries(indian)intolerance, so stupid .

  6. i like veenamalik because she is guest of our country.

  7. @ mdali: nobody is blaming her for being non-veg. Read my post again. Even I am non veg. But you cant put used oil for cokking non veg food into the mail oil canister. D-uh !

  8. @ALL: Being a Pakistani i thank all of you for ignoring Veena’s un-understandable behavior. yes! She’s acting strange at times/rather most of the times come up with unpredictable behavior.

    Apparently, she hasn’t let gone the “STAR BEHAVIOR” so far. She expects every contestant to say “SorrY” for her Do’s & Don’ts.

    & Baygm’s behavior is at times as shameful as veena’s. They are not acting as ambassadors, rather bunch of low lives suddenly seen GLAMOR!


  10. Veena is false,,,cunning,,,witch,,,double cross,,,,and a big Drama baz.She should be out tomorrow plzzzzzzzz bigboss.We dont want to see her more.All people are very good and doing well but no more Veena.

  11. Sameer sony the Best,I love him and really want him to win

  12. veena u r very diplomatic & u will never win BBS4

  13. veena apne apko khoobsurat samjti hai.aine me shera nehi deka.maza to tab ata hai,agar koi dusra apki tarif kare,chud apni tarif karne se insaan khoobsurat nehi ho jata.i hope k agle hafte veena bar ho.

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