Shiv Sena attacks Bigg Boss House

Hundreds of Shiv Sainiks led by Shiv Sena MPs Gajanan Babar and Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil gatecrashed the house in Lonavala where reality show Bigg Boss 4 was being filmed on Friday afternoon.

The mood outside the house was tense after news of the protest spread. The police did not take any chances — the house turned into a fortress with armed policemen keeping a tight vigil from morning. Inside the bungalow too, one could see many private security guards.

A huge number of Shiv Sainiks, led by Babar, walked through the Lonavala market shouting slogans against Pakistani artistes being allowed to participate in the program.

Shiv Sainiks had a minor scuffle with the police and took their protest right outside the house.

Later, Babar met an official posted at the Bigg Boss house and handed him a a list of demands of the Sena.

5 Responses to “Shiv Sena attacks Bigg Boss House”

  1. this is totally wrong from the shiv sena why the politer member understand the this party we have a right to participation in indiyan program. We r respect to all indiyan that i saw to allow all actors in program buz we spend love to all people thx

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  3. i think shiv shena is retarted or screwed. there are themselves nothing and don’t want anybody else to go forward. OMG they are really greatly F****up

  4. ye shiv shena na ta kuch karta hai na toh kuch aacha kam karnye deta hai just i really hate this party really just fuck up to shiv shena

  5. shiv shina are hindu talibans
    the islamic talibans in pakistan even dont allow indian artists
    so tit for tat

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