Sakshi Pradhan’s pregnancy scare on Bigg Boss season 4

Bigg Boss 4’s youngest housemate Sakshi Pradhan suffered a pregnancy scare recently.

The chirpy actress seemed rather tense for the past two days. It was only when she confided to Sara Khan that the reason came to light.

It seemed Sakshi thought she was pregnant. Sara and she then consulted Shweta Tiwari, who told Sakshi not to worry. She also spoke to her about abortion measures.

To confirm if she was pregnant or not, Sakshi requested Bigg Boss  (Images)  to send a female physician so that she could take a pregnancy test.

The outcome? Judging from Sakshi’s chirpy demeanour, it’s safe to say that the results are negative.

8 Responses to “Sakshi Pradhan’s pregnancy scare on Bigg Boss season 4”

  1. shakshi

    seeing u its not a big thing that u could be per u cheap thoughts and ur scandels

    u dont fit to big boss house


  2. Totally disappointed that Sakshi is not pregnent. At list this time we can see baby born in Big Boss house with Chor, Daku, Actor etc ………………….

  3. ohh she is no pregnent?

  4. sakshi will win bigboss

  5. Sakshi.. Expecting u to win in season 4.. my best wishes to u babe.. u rock..

  6. Sakshi is most shmeless girl in the house and i think she have 2 quit from the show.

    we can’t even want her anymore

  7. what a joke…..hahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. are hows her husband????????????

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