The Great Khali in Bigg Boss House

Already we have seen there are lots of arguments in the Bigg Boss house when it comes to food. So, one can easily visualize the condition and the problem the members of the house are going to face.

Admission of the Giant man, that is Khali in “Bigg Boss 4”, is really going to add more amusement and glee to the show. The show “Bigg Boss 4” which recorded a low rating after the opening of “KBC4”, with Khali’s doorway, may again regain its position. It will be interesting to see the reactions of all the members, at their first glance of Khali. A man who is popularly known for his fighting skills and vigor, is going to start a new phase in his life. Will Khali be able to meet the demands of the other contenders or will he engage himself in the household activities or find himself fit into the four walls of the house?

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