Khali scared of being locked in the Bigg Boss house

Khali may be the champion in the wrestling ring but the WWE winner says he is scared of being locked in the Bigg Boss house.

Khali, real name Dalip Singh Rana, will be locked in the house with 11 other housemates. Khali is a wild card entrant on the show tomorrow after the ouster of Bunty Chore and Abbas Kazmi, the ex-lawyer of convicted 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

“My wife wanted me to participate in the show and here I am. It will be an exciting but scary experience to be locked inside with other people,” Khali.

6 Responses to “Khali scared of being locked in the Bigg Boss house”

  1. East or West jaat khali is The Best….All is Well jaat….be smile soft with love AJIT JAKHAR jaipur

  2. khali is very best / good man….i am very happy thanks BIGG BOSS JAT IS THE BEST ..enjoy thanks

  3. All the best khali my blesings are with u

    nd i pray tht next winner will be u for Bigboss

  4. He would not feel comfort with big boss home…

  5. Very nice post!

  6. Zor ka jhatka hi zoron se laga haan laga,
    Shadi hoti hai umar qaid ki saza haan saza,
    Yeh hai udasi jaan ki pyasi,
    Shadi se acha tum le lo phansi,
    Shadi k mandap se tu khud ko bhaga haan bhaga,
    Lakhon dukhon ki hoti hai ye wajah haan wajah…
    Hey Ali n Sara just 4 u. LOL

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