What will Khali eat in Bigg Boss house?

Machegi Khalbali, ghar ke sadsya banenge WWWE ke Mahabali Khali” is how Colors, the channel airing Big Boss 4, decribes the entry of the great Khali in Big Boss 4.

The 7 ft 3 inches tall, weighing 190 kg, the WWE champion the great Khali is all set to join the Big Boss tonight. Khali originally hails from Himachal Pradesh and his real name is Dalip Singh Rana but he is famously known as The Great Khali for his stint in WWE.

Popular WWE wrestler Khali is the latest entrant in the reality TV show Bigg Boss 4. ‘The Great Khali’ as he is popularly known was received warmly by Salman Khan and later by inmates of the house.

A BIG concern for Bigg Boss inmates is what Khali will eat and how they are going to manage the cooking part as the inmates get a limited amount of groceries per week.

Since the inmates cook food by themselves, cooking for Khali might become a big issue in the coming days.

The great Khali’s diet:
5 Liters of Milk
2-3 Kilograms of chicken
0.5-1 kg of dry fruits
25-30 Roti with Daal and Sabji.

Well, most Bigg Boss inmates may have to spend most of their time in the Kitchen as long as the the world famous wrestler is in their midst.

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