Sara is the most clever : Sakshi Pradhan

Her clowning around might have flown her far-off in Splitsvilla, however the Bigg Boss abode turned to be too nasty even for Sakshi Pradhan. The next contender to be thrown out from the show, Sakshi, 21, chops up no terms in relating her fellow opponents. She voiced that she had light-hearted combats with Ashmit (Patel) on the show; however Hrishant (Goswami) was sly and over smart.

When asked about the most clever person in the house, she takes her good friend Sara’s name! “Abhi uska mask hatega (her mask will come off soon). She hasn’t shown her true side till now. We used to take out our mics and talk at night, so I know.”

About Sara’s budding romance with Ashmit, she says, “Ashmit treats her as a child, but she has feelings for him. I know Ali (Merchant, Sara’s boyfriend) very well. And I can see that she has fallen out of love with him.”

Sakshi also supplemented that she is very content regarding the wrestler Khali’s coming in into the house. It’ll be great enjoyment for all. Everybody will tire of making diets for him.

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  1. respected sir mam iam nitin sablok and in myine openion all characters are ossam but plz make shweta tiwari win

  2. the other housmat how to make food for great khali

  3. I think Sara is winner of Big Boss Seson 4

  4. why sara doing like nigative women character

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