The Great Khali eats so much say Big Boss viewers

“My god he eats so much” and “did you see how much he eats” was the reaction of viewers as WWE superstar Khali entered the ‘Bigg Boss 4? house yesterday. The great Khalil is 7 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 190 kg. He is WWE superstar from India, power lifter and actor. The 11 inmates will have more reasons to fight for survival says an enthusiastic viewer.

Here is some statistics. The Great Khalil eats 3 Kilograms of chicken, 1 kg of dry fruits, 25-30 Roti with Daal (lentil) and Sabji and drinks 5 Liters of Milk a day. The great Khalil is 38 years old. Rice and Dal curry is said to be his most favored food.

Pakistani participant Begum Nawazish Ali has earned a nomination to follow Sakshi Pradhan. But, some viewers say that she will survive. She is a great team mate they say.

6 Responses to “The Great Khali eats so much say Big Boss viewers”

  1. begam must be saved.
    she is the lifeline of big boss.
    veena malik is also another life line of big boss 4.

    the elimination of both the stars be stopped

  2. i love you salman bhai……………

  3. i love you salman bhai……………

  4. hi salman khan

  5. Hi,
    My name is sunny. i would like to join big boss 3.
    Right now i am in Toronto,Canada.
    Can u please tell me the procedure.

    Thank you

  6. i like the great khali and iam a great fan of him, ilove u khali

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