Arbitrament in the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss house and the housemates are busy with the Bigg Boss currency making task.

Superstar The Great Khali too helps the housemates in cutting the currencies in proportion.

Bigg Boss calls Hrishant Goswami in the house to give him a task of donning the role of a secret agent. He has to take Shweta in confidence on robbing 15 Lakh currencies without the other housemates’ knowledge.

Post lunch, Manoj Tiwari who is the official masseur in the house tries his hand on Superstar The Great Khali. Seema can’t stop crackling at the sight of this.

Seema who has revealed her intriguing life story to the housemates speaks to Superstar The Great Khali too. She discusses on how she was kidnapped and her two marriages… but this leaves The Great Khali confused!!

Bigg Boss gives a task to the captain Rahul Bhatt to call a Panchayat in the garden area with the housemates. The housemates speak on concerns and other problems faced in the house. Post the discussion, the house chant Shakti de, Bhakti de, Mukti de… to calm the scenario. Superstar The Great Khali picks ups the women to chant Shakti de, Bhakti de, Mukti de…

Superstar The Great Khali seems to be showing his varied talent in the house. He was keenly reading Samir and Rahuls’ palms. He predicts how Samir’s second marriage will work well and Rahul will settle in Mumbai.

While Hrishant has taken Shweta in confidence of stealing the Bigg Boss currencies, will they be successful in robbing the money? Since Manoj wants to sleep on the couch!

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  1. Dear Shweta,
    We all are watching you &love u.We know that you are right.Aap week mat paria hum sab apka sath hai,God sa hamesha dua karta hai aap hamesha khush raha.
    Shweta ko big boss main rakhna tab tak hum big boss dakhanga.

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