Bigg Boss 4 : Begum, Veena and Shweta nominated for Eviction

Monday was the day of nominations and Bigg Boss managed to have a twist in the tale this time around too. He didn’t engage in open nominations but at the same time, he asked the contestants to nominate only one person, while being seated in the special Bigg Boss chair. However the twist in the tale was that the nominations were to be made in pairs. The most feuding contestants of the show – Hrishant and Veena were called together into the room and asked to take part in the nomination process.

This odd pairing had everyone in splits, who thought that it was an apt punishment for them. The captain of the house – Rahul nominated Shweta and she ended up being in the final list. As Sakshi had nominated Begum while leaving last week, so he also ended up in the final eviction list. Khali was barred from the nomination process and Bigg Boss also announced that no one could nominate him.

So Battle of Nomination in this week between Begum, Veena and Shweta.

8 Responses to “Bigg Boss 4 : Begum, Veena and Shweta nominated for Eviction”

  1. nomination of begum is most unfair he nominated sakshi as captain and because every member of the house was complaing agaist her…..she nominated begum as a reaction to captains decsion…bb shoul have rejected this nomination of begum asinvalid

  2. big boss is a very nice daily soap

  3. i like to big boss.
    i see daily big boss seasoin 4

  4. i know both Pakistani are going one by one may be this time veena or next time begum because bb4 have lot of pressure to remove pakistani artist from their show…

  5. i think begam is creative problems with all
    want her to go

  6. Damn veena malik. Salman khan is too stupid to bring her to big boss platform. Indians always like to pick pakistani’s of their own attitude. So here it goes again.

  7. i like bigboss d most…mostly i enojyed the entry of dolly coz i enjoyed the way she revealed the original shweta tiwari in front of everyone….dolly really entertains us..she is the real entertainer n also i like seema parihar d most..she is the real human body can b like her…

  8. Samir is very very stupid and Shweta also.Pamela is very foolish.Hense,it is very nice and a very entartaining programme and the house’s interior is superb!!!!!!!!!!I love it.

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