Shweta Tiwari our Abhinav Kohli are new lovebirds!

Shweta Tiwari just lately admitted her relationship with a celebrity without disclosing the name, while actor Abhinav Kohli in an interview with a newspaper accepted his affair with her. He disclosed that their relationship is one and a half years old and they have planned to get married as soon as the beautiful actress legally gets free from the manacles of Raja Chaudhuary.

A buddy close to the couple confirmed that both of them are madly in love with each other. The source also added that Shweta’s mother has accepted Abhinav who has been staying at Shweta’s place since the actress left for a TV reality show.
If news is to be believed, Shweta insisted Abhinav to stay back at her place in her absence to take care of her mother and her kid as she was frightened that Raja Chaudhury would try to break into the house, which unluckily happened on October 17.

The duo fell in love on the sets of a TV serial.

4 Responses to “Shweta Tiwari our Abhinav Kohli are new lovebirds!”

  1. samir & rahul is the better

  2. Abhinav Kohli our Raja Chaodhry,
    Shweta, Hmaar khyal men to Raja hi sahi hai.
    kyonki wine vgera nasha karne wale ke sath rahna
    ka ahsash hi alag hota hai, shweta samjhti he hogi ?

  3. y evry1 is after samir.evry1 is here for winning d game.y manoj tiwari is damn insecure n pickin things over n over n blamin samir………

  4. i dnt think rahul is better

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