Salman Khan sends gym Tools for The Great Khali

Salman Khan has sent his personal gym equipment from his Panvel farmhouse to the Bigg Boss house especially for The Great Khali. The star anchor has so much  gymming equipment, that the show folk can’t send everything into the house due to space constraints. Some of the equipment might go back to Salman’s farmhouse.

Loveriya hua?
Sara Khan is suffering from fever. She was allowed to step out of the Bigg Boss house to consult a doctor. After her khullam khulla pyaar with housemate Ashmit Patel despite having a beau in Ali Merchant, should we assume it’s loveriya?

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  2. khali will win biggboss 4 with a huge margin save vote for khali the great khali

  3. Rahul,you were truly an idiot on the show. I expected you to have a lot more sense than you actually have or so it seems. The ” person” you believed to be fake or nautanki not only turned out to be completely genuine but also laughing her way to the bank. Don’t get taken in by sadak chaap women like dollyEVER again….my friendly advice.

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