Ali Merchant and Raja chaudhary may join Bigg Boss 4?

After the entry of the great Indian Khali in the house of Bigg boss its seems that the production and channel are planning to spice up the things in the house and life of the inmates by adding two more entries in the house so that the viewers gets some more interesting drama and likewise the channel gets more TRPs.

This time the channel is thinking of working on the so called love story of Ashmit Patel and Sara Khan by bringing in Ali merchant who is suppose to be the Ex boyfriend of Sara Khan.

The channel and production is trying to talk to Ali merchant about the show and the second entry in to the house of big boss would be of Raja chaudhary who is the husband of actress Shweta Tiwari.

17 Responses to “Ali Merchant and Raja chaudhary may join Bigg Boss 4?”

  1. its gonna be great to see raja back in big bosee house plaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bigg bose me and my all friends wanna see raja in big bose

  2. i wanna the wildcard entry of Begum Ali. as she has no Minus point. she is writtyfellow.
    She is Bindas !!!!! plz. give her a chance again…

  3. who is this dolly shit u should brought ali merchant

  4. It will be a great treat if Raja chaudhary is brought back to bigboss house. Big Boss 2 was very popular aznd im sure bigboss 4 will be a huge it if Raja chaudhary comes. Pls bring him back.

  5. really I also want to see Raja back in big boss house, He is a very courageous guy and now only he can save Shweta from wicked Dolly Bindra,please bring Raja back

  6. yes ofcourse me too waiting for raja to enter in big boss again. coz i thnk dolly wants an ans. n dat too raja can gv her a very very good ans. to her. i thnk she also must know dat she is nothng in film industry.

  7. s this is really great 2 watch raja choudary once again he is one of my favourites in the big boss3

  8. It will be great to see raja back in bigboss 4 atleast there will be a real man to stand up against dolly.

  9. Please bigg boss bring raja. Me and my family really want to see him back. He is the real jaat.
    Please raja come back.
    We all miss u

  10. hi…dolly is just the explosion item in d show..her bitchy things r reminding me off Kashmira shaaahhhh….keep it up dollyy tusii chaa gayeeee…sab ke laga de hain….
    Oh yesh Raja chaudhary will add some spice to the show may the realy side of shweta tiwari will be revealed….

  11. Raja will bring more spice to the show and can answer dolly the bitch …. nobody likes her ..I Think bigg boss you made a mistake by sending dracula dolly in the show . she has no right to interfere in any one,s personal life. throw her out please.

  12. Forget raja I feel rahul mahajan should be brought the great flirt by his coming in big booss we could see another twist from veena


  13. OH YES this time in wild entry Raja chaudhary must come in the show.Dolly is GREAT.KEEPit up.If she goes the show will be Boring.

  14. this is really great 2 watch raja choudary once again he is one of my favourites in the big boss3 plz come back on gust of which big boos raja choudary

  15. plz dolly ji not out great,good ladies dolly ji bigg boss dolly ji not out plz

  16. wooooweeee….get raja in your house and see the TRP touching sky. take this decision only if dolly is inside otherwise drop that maniac…he is an explosion….dolly is not event 0.000000001% close this maaaaaaan…he is daring, ready to experience the odd, careless about the consequences that might occur… a nutshell a perfect bomb to destroy dolly bindra. My vote to whoever thought of raja in big boss 4

  17. Dolly adds spice to the show. The flavour of RAJA’s enrty will hit high the TRP. I have never missed a single day of BIGBOSS SHOW 1,2,3 & 4..Add RAJA & yes evict Ashmit & get some handsome guy so that we can watch VEENA MALLIK ( The pakishtani MALIKA SHERAWAT)

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