Bigg Boss punishes Rahul Bhatt!

Rahul Bhatt, the in-house gym instructor will soon be seen as the laundry boy on the ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 4 house! Surprised, well this is the punishment given by ‘Bigg Boss’!! Rahul who was the Captain of the house tried his best to bring in discipline. But during his course as the Captain, the other housemates didn’t follow the ‘Bigg Boss’ house rules. From speaking in English to sleeping during the day, Rahul did not stop the housemates from faltering with rules.

This week since the house nominates Manoj Tiwari as the new captain, ‘Bigg Boss’ decides to punish Rahul. ‘Bigg Boss’ orders Rahul to wash clothes of all the housemates. While Rahul took the punishment in a calm spirit the rest of housemates couldn’t control their laughter!

If you do not follow Bigg Boss’s rule, be ready to bear the brunt… Well, hope Rahul will take this punishment as seriously as his workout!

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