The Grat Khali a guest in Bigg Boss 4?

Bigg Boss Season 4, the reality show on Colors TV, has been one of the most watched shows in the prime time 9 PM IST slot ever since it started airing from the 3rd of October 2010. According to the reports, WWE Champion Khali is not a permanent inmate of the Bigg Boss house. He is just a guest in the house, and will be leaving after a short stay.

However, ever since the WWE champ, Khali has entered the house, there has been quite a flurry of activity in and out of the house. The viewers have quite enjoyed watching the great Khali entering the house.

But the question is that what did it take to bring the great muscle macho into the house?

Well, according to the latest buzz doing the rounds that the super muscled hunk is being paid more than Rs 5 lakh per episode by ‘Bigg Boss 4’ to make him stick around, even though he has to stand by the rules of the house with limited food, less sleep etc.

But, hold on! That’s not all. Sources say that Khali has also been given a basic down payment of Rs. 50 lakh in addition to the per week payment. Well, that is quite a lot as compared to the other stars and starlets of the show, who are reportedly in the slot of a lakh and a two. The only highest amongst them being the stars of the small screen Shweta Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari of Rs.5 lakh each

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  1. khail’s voice is not understandble

  2. Khali sir is very kind & nice person.

  3. s i think he will leave bigboss in amonth ,
    many reasons 4 this .

  4. Khali is a quite nice person and might leave house in some weeks.

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