Third elimination in Bigg Boss 4

The battle of survival in the Big Boss house is staged between India and Pakistan. Season Fourth is going on an alluring pace after the second eviction and the third eviction’s nominated candidates are Begum nawazish Ali, Veena Mallik (both from Pakistan) and Shweta Tiwari (india).

After the entry of ‘The Great Khali’, food fights were the most common things to be seen as Khali consumes more food than any other inmates. Khali was safe from nomination process this week.

Bigg Boss is using different nomination process everytime for eviction. And the alluring news around is that may be Ali Merchant and Raja Chaudhary will enter the Bigg Boss house.

The things are expected to spice up after the entry of these two and today’s eviction. Let’s see who wins the battle between India and Pakistan.

8 Responses to “Third elimination in Bigg Boss 4”

  1. Bigboss 4 looseing his Creditablity day by day bcoz the selection of Housemate are not to be proper

  2. khali is nominated if he will go out we will stop watching big boss

  3. we want khali in Big boss till end or no one wil watch it

  4. big boss it wel known bcz of the g8 personlities and if they r not der no 1 will not also shit on big boss the g8 personilties r khalieyc and that dollyy is the worst …..1

  5. i love you seema gey you r so sweet.

  6. hrishant u r so swt

  7. dolly u r a vry frank person and i like ur this personality , be like this and u r the winner for me all the best

  8. shweta you are too beautiful and i didnt think that no one can stopyou from winning bigg boss4

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