Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss season 4

In order to create more spice in Big Boss Season 4 new participant Dolly Bindra will soon be a house mate . Earlier the Great Khali has entered the home after nomination. On the other side begum has left the home.

As an actor she has done many films like Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (November 6, 2009) (Released) ,Krazzy 4 (April 11, 2008) (Released) ,Dhamaal (September 7, 2007) (Released) ,Apne (June 29, 2007) (Released) ,Ta Ra Rum Pum (April 27, 2007) (Released) …… Mrs. Panoya ,Fight Club – Members Only (February 17, 2006) (Released) ,Dosti – Friends Forever (December 23, 2005) (Released) ,Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (July 15, 2005) (Released) and Jo Bole So Nihaal (May 13, 2005) (Released)

The actress hit headlines a few years ago for being physically assaulted by actor and Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Raja Chaudhary at a party.

Incidentally, Raja’s ex-wife, actress Shweta Tiwari, who stood in support of her husband at the time, is one of the contestants currently inside the Bigg Boss house.

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  1. bigg boss.. is bar sara nikalne waali hai hume bhi mouka de do..

  2. Dolly is a real bitch. Hats off to the production. They know the best how to increase the TRP!

    Welcome to the whore : Dolly

  3. Watching Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss is a big disappointment. Endemol can stoop down to bring low grade cheap characters just for some spice or TRP is just unwanted. Her 1st day in Bigg Boss house was just too loud and planned entry to create squabbles within inmates. In the last segment (Tommorrow), the highlights of quarrel with Shweta is what the channel or Production team might feel masala for TRP, but the fact remains, cheap characters in Bigg Boss is just going to degrade its reputation. There are many actors in TV & Film industry known for hyper sensitiveness, but not expected loose characters by them. VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED.

  4. Ridiculous decision. why this character is brought into big boss 4 is horrible

  5. This vamp Dolly Bindra has proved that she is a real life vamp too. Right after entering the Bigg Boss House, she has started showing what an uncultured, ill mannered, rude and wicked person she is. She has come here to scare innocent people and because of her huge body, she thinks she can manipulate things. What a liar..shameful of a woman to be like this..She has left no stone unturned to trouble shweta and create trouble for her. Poor shweta..has to bear such insults because of her ex husband with whom dolly had a huge problem.
    Bastard Woman Dolly Bindra

  6. wah big boss…a fantastic job by sending DOLLY BINDRA in the house..agar aisa hi show hum ne dekhna hai to is se acha hai k hum kisi gandi street me ja kar wahan ki ladies ki cat fight dekh len..had ho gayi we see such type of show with our families in which this type of vulgar women is allowed..TRP k liye ye sab kuch kar rahe hain to band kar den show koi faida nahi….25th october ki episode dekh kar bohat afsos ho raha hai.. lagta hai big boss ne bhi doosron ki izzat uchaalney ka kaam pakar lia hai…

  7. a gud show is going before sending DOLLY BINDRA..i must say:wah big boss…a fantastic job by sending DOLLY BINDRA in the house..if big boss have 2 send such type of vulgar women in the house,then shame on big we see such type of show with our families..if u r doing this 4 TRP then plz close this show….after watching 25th october episode i feel that rather than watching big boss 4,its better 2 go in a backward street n watch alot of womens quarreling n abusing each other.,..

  8. Looks like this new ugly lady Dolly Brinda, can be a good source in scaring the kids during bed time…Thanks big boss for the discovery..And moreover, she can also be a source of Public message portraying the “illeffects of obesity in aggravating ugliness of a person”

  9. Is she a woman or demon. My god how she shouts. God safe the other house mates. I wish she get eliminate soon. otherwise iI cannot watch the show

  10. Why do you get such cheap worn out sluts like Dolly Bindra ?.She lacks decency,character and is no better than a walking leaking,spetic tank sprewing out shit from her mouth.

  11. dolly is too cheap for the show like “BIG BOSS”. what the show makers are thinking, they are downgrading the show

  12. I cant believe BIGG BOSS brought in someone as uncultured as dolly bindra. if this is a TRP gaining strategy, then its a very cheap thing to do. Right now I am extremely ashamed to be following this show.
    Dolly Bindra cannot use this show to take revenge from someone regarding her personal issues. The producers should not promote this kind of cheapness on television.

  13. hi,
    dolly is a mess in the house. she cannot disrespect any women in house the way she did Shweta.
    she should be sent away.


  14. had hi ho gyi big boss.. this is insane.. hw cud u b so insensitive .. dnt u hv sum rt towards yr audience to b lil respectfull of the housemates.. i totally m against dolly ji shouting and targeting shweta ji.. she hs earned d respect from every1.. n y r u sending unnecessary ppl to bring down her image.. i can’t imagine ne1’s personal life being brot up like this..can’t imagine hw raja must b njoin this.. on top of all this raja tryin in 2 brake into hr house.. kya dolly ko ldne ko bheja h.. this is insane.. if u can’t put up a descent show dn put up a Adult sign n dnt keep it in family hrs..

  15. Dolly is an IDOIT …? why is she sent in.. shows also the quality of people who are there for selecting such candidates…?

  16. Dolly entrys is as Cheap as it Gets…Rakhi Sawant is Decent compared to this woman from the ghetto….

  17. “Badtamij aurat” the best title suits to Dolly Bindra.

  18. Hi big bose,

    yaar tum ne ye kon gandi bahse (doly) ko big bose ko le aye ho
    is ke maa baap ne is ko to tamiz nahi sikhai hai.

    kya gande logo ka bula liya hai

  19. dolly is adding twist but she should be polite…….and appologise to shweta………she is……………

  20. Big Boss plz plz …. its too difficult to tolerate Dolly (whoever she is)…. spare us the horror.

  21. dolly look like cheap whore……

  22. Please kick her out! Shes such a BITCH!.. so RUDE!.. shes a spoilt WOMAN!.. throw her out..

  23. dloi bindra ko big boss mein bhajne ki bajaye mar kat machane wale logo ko bhej do jo is serial ko bhi band kar de show ke nam per jitni ghatia chije dekha sakte ho dikhon jald hi serial ka satya nash ho jayega

  24. i cant believe that bigg boss can go to such a low level just for trp by introducing character like dolly, thank god personality like amitabh bachan is not hosting this show. its not worth watching this show its not up to the standard

  25. hey dis is sachin from gujarat(baroda). i would like to join the conversation topic of dolly n our cute shweta tiwari. i would like to say dat all wat has done at last episodes, i m totally disappointed with dat. actually dolly has spread a very bad atmoshphere in the nice show. she hass not at all have the authority to attact any others personal life. i request u to eliminate her immediately from the big boss show coz i thnk just bcoz of her the going is gonna face trouble coz nobody wants her in the show. n i thnk dis is everybodys deccision wat i m saying. dis is our public opinion.

  26. Hi. This is Faraz. i just wanna say that I dont like the presence of Dolly Bindra in Big Boss House.
    because first of all she dont have any respect to the family members and even that she doesn`t listen to the captain. She is very rude.

  27. Dolly Bindra must be out of the house .

  28. Hello Bigg Boss,

    Why she entered to the house for attacking on personal issues of a shweta. This is not right.she should come out of the house.

    I think you entered her as guest for creating disturbance.
    But, creating disturbance on personal issues is not correct.
    that should be sorted out outside the house.

    Who knows dolly.But please don’t damage the image of shweta whatever she is in her personal life.
    Dolly should be punished.


  29. Dolly is d biggst asshole i eva seen in ma lyf….come against me and talk with me as u talked wit shweta…..i bet i wont back slappin her..!

  30. its my humble request from most my frnd nd relatives… nd most my collegues that plz plz plz plz plz plz remove that bullshit DOLLY BINDRA asshole from the show…. she wont rise the TRP but it is that sure big boss 4 audience will evacuate.. plz remove her… she is really a big damn shit……humble request… not only from me but frm most of us…mohsin, mridul, ayaz, latif…. there r many more….v watched the show daily but today we start with abusing nd end with the same.

  31. its my humble request from most my frnd nd relatives… nd most my collegues that plz plz plz plz plz plz remove that shit DOLLY BINDRA creep with a narrow mind.. from the show…. she wont rise the TRP but it is that sure big boss 4 audience will evacuate.. plz remove her… she is really a big damn shit……humble request… not only from me but frm most of us…mohsin, mridul, ayaz, latif…. there r many more….v watched the show daily but today we start with abusing nd end with the same.

  32. hello,

    i guess you should not keep dolly in big boss 4. she can not talk out personal talk on reality show. no matter what shweta is doing, she is good, she is bad. doesn’t matter but dolly can not talk like this in public. i know this comment you wont even read but if u read “this is kind request to eliminate dolly from this show”

    thank you

  33. Big Boss ji,

    aap log dolly ko galat laye hain no manners and very bad behaviour sir ji

  34. please bigg boss dolly bindra ko saja di jaye..
    agar aapne aisa nahi kiya to mujhe achchha nahi lagega..
    bigg boss apne visesh adhikaro ka prayog kare..

  35. please moti bafflo ko bar out karo….she is a big losser..
    kisi ki personal aur past life ko discuss karne ka dolly koo koi hak nahi hai..sweta ne thik kaha behanchood hai sali moti …i hate very very hate

  36. aisa nahi hai ki mein sweta ko like karti hu .. lekin ek girl hu isliye yeh samjh sakti hu ki kisi girl ki personal aur past life ko yu media aur duniya ke samane usko bolne ka koi hak nahi hai … baat pehle hue ..uska badla kyu le rahe hai moti anuty ..2 din se pura makeup laga kar bethi hai ghar mein..kyu ki moti anuty dooly janti hai ki bina makeup ke puri darawani butani lagegi…..big boss apne wrong candidate chosse kiya hai …..aur rahul bhaat ko dekho kis tarah moti anuty ke sath laga hai..rahul bhaat doing very bad with big boss house mate…mate out moti ko out karo pls

  37. she is a vamp..i never seen her in any films , her name is unfamiliar to me and many…she is brash and vulgar. It doesnt appeal me.


  39. DOLLY is a big hit.She is the real honest and interesting women. Only the words she used for Shwetha was bad as a woman but as a human she is superb.BAHOOT MAZA AAYA.Go on Dolly end the hypocrisy

  40. I hate now to see big boss as it has become a cheap show after dolly bindra’s entry in the house. please big boss jus eliminate her. now its no long a family show to be seen.

  41. Is moti (dolly) ko bigg boss se bahar karo nahi to main ye show nahi dekhunga.

  42. Hello sir,

    plz plz plz is moti ko bahar kr do….we do not like her….iska attitute itna bkwas h……….i hate this aunty….vamps shweta k piche pd gyi h hath dho k…….aunty aisa krne se aap nhi jitogi smjhi………….

  43. I want AKASHDEEP SAIGAL to be a part of bigg boss.. He a danger man and perfect for the show. he has shown his talent “Iss jungle se mujhe bachao”.. Please bigg boss. give him a chance.. he will not disappoint u….

  44. Big Boss real shame to your insane production crew….where on earth you people find such weird person to telecast horror to all those viewers who keep a regular watch to this show….I personally have stop watching this horror at other person emotional expenses…For the sake of TRP you insane guys can go to any level….well you guys will lose all your viewership very soon for one such big mistake….its beyond the level of watching vulgarity porn…..enjoy your happiness in delivering such concept….BYE TO THIS SHOW

  45. Hi Guys,

    I just want to know why people behave and interfere in others life.Dolly is playing politics and i dont think it is bravery to
    misbehave and defame a woman no matter what happened in dolly’s
    personal life but big boss is her professional part.She is a big slut and shweta is a decant female who spoke so less.shweta is
    a responsible lady she is a mother and she knows that the show is
    watched by all age group.I really wish her luck to win the show.

  46. Really its very Sad that we are not doing any better than wasting some valuable time of so many people showing these cheap arguement …there are many ways we can entertain people and by doing justice to these actors/so called celebreties …..
    Good luck Salman

  47. dolly keep it up wowwwwwwwwwwww sabki baj rahi hai ,,…… dolly bindra rocking!!!!!

  48. after the entry of dolly bigboss has become really interesting. wow! dolly ne sab ka band baja diya!!

  49. dolly craeat politics in big boss home she’s lier she is totly aunty tease d other home mate

  50. dolly ko swimming pool me daal do,kya yaar bigg boss,apne show ke TRP ke liye itna cheap ideas,BIGG BOSS SEASON 5 pe khatra hai ye,shayed s.5 log dekhna pasand na kare………….

  51. salam walaku i think dolly will out from house plese thanku

  52. Dolly, is a big time whore, Big Boss should throw this thrash out.. she has no right to insult other ladies in the house.

  53. Dolly justifies by saying …. Sab se bada rupaya . M here to play game.. She is playing a good game.. But no doubt .. She is a D ‘ DIAN” witch….. Lolz.. but channel had no option coz everything was going dull

  54. Please for God’s sake, I would appeal to every single person watching Bigg Boss 4 that please throw out Dolly Bindra from the show with all your votes against her as she gets nominated next week. She is a bastard who needs to be tackled with a butt in her ass and thrown out of the show for being such an asshole. I have never used any profanities ever before in any of my comments, but this bitch has pissed me off so much that I feel that she should be taught a lesson. Throw her out because we do not need such low-grade bitches on TV. Full stop.

  55. WAT A should feel shame for raising their TRP they bring an animal in mist…

  56. Hi all,

    I don’t understand one thing. If some of you guys/gals

    hate Dolly so much, you could just stop watching the

    show, right? Why create such a big hullabaloo?

  57. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ ….Remove Dolly Plz She is a Whore!! jus dn’t feel like watching Bigg BOss coz of her Bitchy Attitude…So Plz BB Remove her ASAP….N Ashmit is Her PIMP..

  58. Dolly Bindra is a nuisance not only in the Bigg Bosshouse but also our own homes i cant stand her laughter or her screams sometimes i feel that the emotional torture is to much and i am surprised that the producers and the contestants are willing to risk their psychological health for TRPs and a few extra bucks …….. I guess its true their is no humanity left in this world ,plssssssssssssssss get her out we cant bear her plssssssssssssssssssss save us the torture.

  59. i hv actually stopped viewing BB due to Bindra…don’t really want to hear all that bad language…its better to watch some educational or cultural soaps then watching all that stuff….I think now viewer’s need to stop watching BB..ban it plz till Dolly is thrown out.

  60. Big Boss
    Kindly throw dolly out of the house.This is no way to increase TRP.I have now stopped watching the show.Big Boss has now become a very low grad show.

  61. yes u all r right dolly is vamp but this is game show if u will see all goody goody in bigboss people will not get masala to enjoy enjoy they will get crore not us time pass

  62. The lowest of lows in PRIME TIME television in the history of Indian television happens to be the crass, rude, crude, uncultured vulgarity and a sorry excuse of a woman called Dolly Bindra being forced down FAMILIES throats across the tele-viewing nation!! Endemol-Colors should shift this show to witching hour viewing instead of prime time for it is no longer suitable to be viewed by families (toddlers, children, teens, fathers, mothers and grandparents sitting together) because of this obese, crass, verbal diarrhoea stricken woman. Our family is switching OFF Colors prime time until we get news of this womans’ resounding kick-in-the-rear eviction!!! 🙂 What values are we teaching our children Endemol-Colors??

  63. big boss plz iss moti ko bhaga do

  64. wtf this is horrible
    dolly bandar why why
    she is even worse then rakhee sambhawana and kashmira

    my god it was so good before she came
    love affection care
    all lost in a blink

    i m so sick i just change channel when ever she comes

    this year cast was the best of all big boss UNTILL tht wild entry MR DOLLY BINDRA came sad really sad

  65. Firstly Dolly Bindra is not a lady but a Man. She is very insulting and rude bitch. I am ashamed of the producers and directors of Big Boss. It only portrays the kind of horrible people working behind the scenes of Bigg Boss who are encouraging this. Personal issues are personal and should be kept out of the Bigg Boss house and not be brought up in the show. It is sad to see how dirty linen is being washed in public. I feel Bigg Boss has run out of innovative ideas on increasing their TRP and have resort to something that is obnoxiously pathetic and deserves no kind of appreciation. It is better to show this program off family viewing hrs coz it is surely upsetting and under-rated.

    Please get this Super Bitch Dolly either punished or removed from Bigg Boss. If she stays, she ought to mend her ways and for God’s sake lower her tone….

    I feel she will pay the price for what she is doing and no one is going to respect her.

  66. Keep Bindra there, your TRP is bound to go down. What are you presenting to viewers on prime time. Believe me I was regularly watching Big Boss from its first episode, but not hereafter for sure. You can’t do this to viewers. Remove this Big Sit from Big Boss immediately, it is not going to work for your TRP. On 1st Nov, I really had serious headache.

    We, the people of India do not want to see Dolly Bindra in Big Boss even for a day.

  67. If Big boss team thinks that by cancelling nominations to protect Dolly than they should also know that TRPs will actually go down with such cheap gimmicks.
    brash, vulgar, manly, shit whore, cheap, loud, uneducated DOLLY is a the reason KBC is doing better than Big boss. Also, Ashmit and Hrishant are her pimps..
    Seems Veena is also getting ready to F88ked by Ashmit. shameless pakistani women. why are the Mualvis not saying anything for such physical realtionship behind the quilt with Ashmit???

  68. Kindly take Dolly Bindra Out of the Show. She is not increasing the TRPs instead a lot of people like me have stopped watching big boss because of her. She is a pain in the neck and intolerable. If you want to maintain the dignity of the show and keep the viewers hooked to the show then my sincere suggestion is throw her out cause she is creating a havoc in the house.

  69. COZ of dolly bindra many real faces of BB are out.As there is a famous saying in hindi “SONEY KI PEHCHAAN USS KO GISNEY SEY HOTI HAI” you can know a person in tough times.Dolly has a high tone but she never used such abusive language as done by SWETA Tiwari that BB had to beep it

  70. Dolly Bindra must go!!! She is crass uncouth and just an overall bitch!! She is definitely a man and to see her everyday on tv just makes me ill. Get her off or lose a sincere big boss fan!!

  71. i think dolly is perfect man for the big boss.
    mr:big boss
    i invite u in visit our country,is it possible to aseptic this invite.

  72. Getting dolly bindra was a pathetic decision, I stopped watching that show the day she entered. her living should be declared a crime

  73. nw biggboss 4 contestants have agreed dat dolly is actually good at hr8 but has no cntrol over her tounge.plz guyz dnt let dat playboy ashmit win,he is the most irritating person in bigboss.instead vote some for dolly atleast for her gud the episodes carefully and notice wot m saying..


  74. Big Boss i humbly requesting you that plz kick out to dolly bindra from big boss wow moti aacha show bhi kharab kar rahi hai plz kick out bull dozor from big boss plz

  75. dolly ur r awesum….keep it up……..bja do sbki bnd.
    u r m favorite contestent……………show all the member their position wat they 0r in reality……………all r fake there………

  76. Ha ha ha ha ha…

    I love DOLLY, she is a real hore and an example of ppl arround you who have dolly bindia inside. Ashmit has done a great JOB.. keep it up. I hope sameer can also nail dolly.

    GUYS… she is a great lesson…. I enjoy as she get fucked.

  77. Dolly Bindra tusi Big Boss ki Jaan Ho Shaan ho ! Bazao in Dhongiyo ki Band aur udtaho sbki shakal sai parda.Aur hamain yakeen hai ki Ashmit ki band special tarekai sai bajaigi.
    Do your Best

  78. Dolly nitin ki trah Band Bazatai Raho….

  79. jitne galiyan tu ne big boss me sab kodihai+ dunyaki baki galya sab ter liye

  80. dolly ji,congratz on being saved nd un nataunkibaaj sab ka band bajaiye we r wid u

  81. i enjoyed one episode last day when a special salam khan came to house and offered them games.. kuch mood bhi change hogaya… warna.. abusing abusing aur abusing.. this show is good but few persons are not… kick them out.. 1st number is dolly.. and great kali really great..

  82. oh God i hate dolly.her dressing and make up all is disastrous.I do not know who is she and how bluntly she is insulting the suoer stars of tv like Shweta and sara.That is not fair.i hope she gets evicted soon.disgusting jealous woman

  83. OH MY GOD why did bis boss allowed or offerd DOLLY BINDRA to enetr the house?????????????????????? She is a real bitch. I wonder how is she able to carry her marriage is her husband loves her??????????????? She is totally ill mannered lady. Lad’s are supposed to be soft spoken and kind hearted but DOLLY is not one of them. She has misbehaved with every single housemate. CAn someone teach her a bit of manners or she should be locked in room and shouldn’t be allowed to come out and should be treated like an animal hopefully by this way she will understand how she behaves with others. I have never seen a human being like her in my whole life. i am true i have seen a lifestyle in INDIA and seen a lifestyke in AUSTRALIA aswell but never met a person like DOLLY BINDRA. God please have mercy on your people don’t make any other DOLLY BINDRA.

  84. dolly has got a dirty mind she alwys tries to link up, and spread rumors how cheap kind of mentality she has got she thinks all are scared of her she looks so horrible i feel to slap her left and right now she is trying to link khali and shwetha tiwari .please send dolly to mental asylum .

  85. big boss tum dekhte nhi ho kya ghar main kya ho rha hai shweta ki to koi mistake hi nhi thi jo tumne dolly or shweta ko ghar se jaane ko kha ghar bhejna hi hai to sirf dolly ko bhejo… dolly to apne baap ki ek bhut badi galti hai…?kya aapne fix kar rakha hai ki kya hona hai ab ghar main jo dolly ko aj tak ek warning bhi nhi dii…?

  86. Dolly bindra the kute means biggest doggy in big boss should be bitch… Then people can watch with there family…bindra the reall buffuloo the biggest….*#*#*#*#*#d

  87. bindra the real buffalo…bithch thuuuuuuuuiuuuuuuuuuuuiuuiuuuuuuuiu…..i am not able to watch with my family big boss abhi apka kanoon kha gaya gass charne kya he throm that bindra bitch…..

  88. Dolly, Dolly, Dolly….. You are nothing like a dolly. The name doesnt suit you at all.
    Such a scheming slut. Screams at everyone for the smallest of things like somethings up her big fat ass. But God forbid if someone tries to say something back. Then its like “How can you talk to me like that”. Always challenging the guys in the house to touch her and show because she wanted exactly that. And when that didnt work she raised her hand on Shweta. If the same thing had happened to her I think she would have exploded. She has made everyone mad in the house.
    Looks like she doesnt have friends and is jealous to see the others together. Poor old prostitute.

  89. I Think Dolly is far more better than Shweta. Shweta an artificial lady whereas Dolly speaks her mind and can very well interpret the mindset, characteristic of other players. It’s worse she is out. A woman who handle all alone handle her fight and with confidence.
    Even if she used expletives in her fight others too followed her same.

    I feel Dolly was better than Sara, Veena and Shweta.

  90. Sara, Veena and Shweta follow double standard, diplomat and tooo good kochi koo nature which just show off.

    Dolly should be alllowed to re-enter so insecurity will be felt to other contestant. She made the show happening after entering the show otherwise the show was too dulll and yuck.

    Dolly good of you, your loud nature pull us back to the show

  91. Dolly rocks the house. She should be brought back. A good cooker, who also cooked up stories and brought each and every character’s reality on face. Well done, Dolly, you speak your mind and brought the show on hot seat to discuss. Others are playing as an actor. Its a house to show your real self not to act.


  93. Dolly na thakle big boss jombe na.

  94. Dolly Bindra is best. Without her absence we don;t like Big Boss Show. I like her way of talking. She is very intelligent, and know how to perform. Without her the big boss seems to be zero. I vote for Ms.Bindra.

  95. Тoԁay, I went to the beаchfront wіth my сhildren.
    I fοund a sea shеll and gave it to my 4 уeaг
    olԁ daughtеr аnd said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She put the shell to her ear anԁ screamеd.
    Τheгe ωas a hеrmit crаb inside and it pinched hег ear.
    She neνer wantѕ to go back! LoL I κnoω this is tоtаlly off topic but I had to tеll ѕomeone!


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