Dolly Bindra is an temblor

Dolly Bindra is an earthquake that will shake up the Bigg Boss House and bring it down,” says PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who is taking care of the branding for one of the show’s participants, Ashmit Patel.

Also having handled the publicity for Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and Bigg Boss participants Vindu Dara Singh, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Zulfi Syed, Shamita Shetty and Diana Hayden from time to time, the publicist is an authority on reality shows.

Dolly Bindra has already put the Bigg Boss House on fire with loads of arguments, nusiance, shouting and infighting. With her entry, groupism has begun on the show and moreover,

Asked if all this would bring a bad name to Bigg Boss, Bhagwagar laughs! “Not at all. There’s no news like bad news and reality shows thrive on tragedy. There are all kinds of people who make this world, and Dolly Bindra is the ‘necessary evil’ on the show for now.

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  1. Hi,

    We don’t want Dolly Bindra on Big Boss 4. Please Big Boss remove Dolly.


  2. Hi,

    Yes Please remove Dolly we all hate her.

    Big Boss Fan

  3. Hi,

    Gr8 Goin Dolly.
    Here comes the taste of reality show njoy her till end.

  4. take this creepy creature ………..offffffffff……….the big boss’s house…………she sucks….i can’t stand her for a min…infact her presence in the show……makes me not watch it……ewwwwww………………looks like a “eu***h”

  5. Please throw this fat and dreadful person out of Big Boss or you will for sure lose lots of eye balls and ratings. Whenever I see her stupid footage I switch to KBC and I am sure a lot of people do so also.

  6. Big boss u can do better than this…pls show some class and through off bitches like Dolly out of the show…find other ways to get TRP’s

  7. Hai,

    Great Goin Dolly.

    Here comes the taste of reality show njoy her till end


  9. I absolute agree with Nave Chopra. I just hate Dolly whatever… Whenever i see her footage I just Switch to KBC.But i just love SHWETA. And I cann’t tolerate anybody abusing her like this..

  10. dolly forced us to not to watch bog boss. If the organisor want us to see the programme, it is necessary to remove this adament inhuman creature.

  11. Dolly has given this otherwise monotonous season some fresh life…I dont watch Bigg Boss to see bonding and friendship, I watch it for some confrontations and drama…Great Going Dolly!

  12. sachi yeh moti atmosfare ko cheap ker rahi hai —sab apas mein theek se reh rahe the jo bhi thodi bahut kit kit ho rahi thi woh to natural hai kyon ki 14 pp from 14 diffrnet places but she the moti looks like ravan’s sister i tninkshe came from jhopadpatti using that bad languagewhich is very bad we want to c healthy competition please salmaan thruogh her out

  13. dolly rocks…. dolly is the added spice in the show

  14. i have Rs.2500 can i buy dolly for one night, i think she would be comfortable.

  15. Are the housemates that silly to not realise that Dolly has come in just to stir things and cause fights. Its cringing watching them play into her hands. She keeps saying that she’s honest and thats why people dont like her…if thats the case then why doesnt she tell each and every housemate how she has been bitching about them directly to the cameras… about seeking attention…. she’s the biggest game player of all… cant stand her!

  16. hi,
    please pull out dolly bindra as she is the odd person out in this big boss 4. Is she thinks that by yelling or by raising her voice she can be superior than other constants. she is playing smooth with Rahul Bhatt because he is the son of mahes bhatt and for her futer.

  17. My family has stopped watching BIG Boss 4 since the entry of Dolly….and so has many of my friends and relatives….We dont want to watch such a dirty show….No doubt salman khan is good with wat he is doing….We all prefer watching Amitabh Bacchan in KBC instead of it….So i would suggest to remove Dolly Bindra so that v can start watching the show again…

  18. She is an ASS****.

  19. Bigboss!! i mean how low can ur standards stoop? Dolly bindra? who the hell is she? some unknown entity seeking attention! i agree with what ppl above hav said… she is reducing bigboss popularity. i always switch to kbc whenever dollys footage comes in. She is an ugly fat bitch! shweta is a doll! she is just instigating evryone and the housemates are stupid enough to beleive her. plz get rid of her!

  20. Pl evict Dolly. We have stopped watching Big Boss after her entry. We want fights, but not the bitching that she is doing. She has no business taking up personal issues inside the house. If you are thinking that the TRP will go up, you are mistaken. You will see the TRP dropping in the coming week with her around.

  21. wowwwwwwwww dollyy……. here u r…. bringing down the REAL ANIMALS of each and every housemates…..
    BB4 had become absolutely dull and dumb since BB3 and Amithabh Bacchan…. it was like watching super clean bhajan mandali….. I would rather watch anything but those hypocrites around….

    but dolly, u brought spice back to BB4… it seems Big Boss is finally getting back to its original band.

    Sallu and Dolly, u 2 rock BB… Keep it up….

  22. dolly tere maa ka tere sasur ke saath

  23. we stop to see bib g


  25. Dolly is very big asss———————————

  26. I have never seen cheap person like dolly and mallik and also ashmit. These three persons should be thrown out of home by Big Boss Himself

  27. moti tere ko laat mar ke nikalna chahiye

  28. Dolly Bindra is an temblor at Salman Khan Bigg Boss 4 | Salman ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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