Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra fight in reality show Bigg Boss 4

What started off as a minor argument over kitchen work soon became a major catfight between actors Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra in reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4?.

Just a day after loud-mouthed Dolly entered the show, she tried to take charge of cooking in the kitchen – a department that Shweta had been handling so far.

Shweta, who has had a sour past with Dolly, expressed her desire to quit from the kitchen team Monday evening. That was followed by a bitter war of words between the two ladies, says a source.

They started hurling abuses and allegations against each other and dug into their past rivalry because Shweta’s former husband Raja Chaudhary had once slapped Dolly at a party.

The episode featuring the fight will be aired Tuesday.

19 Responses to “Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra fight in reality show Bigg Boss 4”

  1. Dolly the big dirty foul mouthed bitch is sent by big boss to dig up personal incidents of the inmates. what has big boss come to. are they in need of trp to garn in ads. sad a reality TV airing her foul mouthed abuses infront of sweta’s child and family members. she should be sued as well as big boss.

  2. The latest entrant dolly binder is not only uncouth in her behavior but also has entered big boss with the intension of maligning shwetas character which I feel is highly condemnable. I hope she is thrown out of the house as she is nothing but a dirt bag!!!!

  3. The fight between shweta and Dolly has proved one person’s character very prominently…………RAHUL BHATT…..He has proved himself a TRAITOR……… his housemates………his linked with HADELY proved right……..He was a TRAITOR towards the nation TOO…….

  4. hi , i want to join big boss, i m not an actress or any big star but i want to come in big boss, i want to meet all them, plz give me an opportunity

  5. U usually dont go onto forums to express any views but i have to say this….
    I dont think she even belongs to a proper family,,,,, am sure she doesnt know who her dad is….cuz i dont believe any girl can talk to another girl n such a horrible uncoth way!!

    and yeah…..RAHUL IS A MASSIVE TRAITOR!!….that’s so evident.
    I hope big boss throws dolly out and the housemates evict rahul.

  6. Well all of the muscles in Rahul Bhatt’s brain have accumulated in his biceps so i understand that his upper floor is completely empty,no doubt he was an easy target for David Headley! I wonder what Mahesh Bhatt has to say in this matter coz he always has an opinion ready for every god damn thing happening on earth! Big Boss can be made more interesting if Dolly has a fight with the great Khali,man what a sight it would be,Khali throwing her out in the pool may be,like some dust of his hand! Lastly,Asmit Patel,wow,a charmer with the women, wooing every women in the show except Sweta & Seemaji!!!Asmit bhai in dono ko bhi mat chor na!!!!!!!!!!

  7. when I first saw a teaser of the fight, I thought “oh, good fun”. when I saw the fight i was disgusted.
    i am not even sure that she is entertaining to watch unless the people dislike her targets.
    it is sad, she is unattractive to look at and has an unattractive personality. compare her to seema who is also unattractive but makes up for everything in terms of her personality and is a pleasure to watch on tv. look at the difference in class between a city goer and a jungle bandit. shame on you dolly, I hope your career plummets and your waistline swells.

  8. Ms Dolly Bindra is an extremely devious, loud-mouthed lady who can descend to any level of depravity to malign others.She targets someone, comes up with some mean and offensive comments or innuendos, and when the target tries to defend himself / herself, really lets fly with her vitriol. The contrast with Ms Seema Parihar really puts her bewd behaviour in stark relief. As Mr. Manoj Tiwai rightly said, “insaniyat kuchh bhi nahi hai”. Mr. Rahul Bhatt has exposed his lack of brain by aligning with this lady. It seems that Ms Bindra has been drafted in just to enhance the TRP of the show through these verbal duels behaviour with co-participants.


  10. Dolly should be thrown out of the Big Boss house. She has no manners. Has entered the house only to tamper the image of Shweta by hook or by crook and after watching todays episode she is slowly achieving it.
    Please Big Boss kindly think of Shweta’s Daughter. God bless her.

  11. Dolly….Rand ki tolly….Sabse woh Boli……Mere do do baap; do do baap.

    Dolly….Na pehne choli…..Kholke sab Boli…..Muftme aao mere yaar; aao mere yaar.

    Dolly….Kutte Jiske Humjoli…..Haddi dekhke Boli….I m the bith; the bitch.

    Dolly…..Zuban jiski Kali…..Hardam Bole Gali…..Dolly; Dolly;Dolly

  12. Oh sheesh! Shwetta slaps Dolly with her quiteness who would talk to Dolly and her dirty mouth.

  13. slap dolly and calm her down. she is going beyond and vote out her since she is acting black sheep there

  14. It’s disgusting to watch Dolly – her behaviour is atrocious, being a woman herself, the way she talks to Shweta is distasteful. Whatever happened between them in the past, it’s not ethical to discuss any sort of personal discussions on Reality TV shows. If Shweta’s daughter is watching BB4 even if it’s in snatches what impact it will be on her growing mind about how her mother being openly abused on air aw well as how Shweta is being perceived by the world. DOLLY IS THE B***H OF THE FIRST ORDER. Dolly is not only foul mouthed but she’s horrible to look at.

    I don’t know who BIG BOSS is but it also speaks volumes about his/her character when he brings in artists with no caliber unless he/she’s a cheapie who enjoys & gets kick out of all the drama being aired. There was previously one character, I can’t seem to recollect his name I think it was Bindra (the guy who spent almost 13 years in jail); he too was very abusive and was thrown out of BIG BOSS HOUSE. If BIG BOSS has any class, he’ll throw Dolly out of the show. Being a lady (which she’s not in the real sense), DOLLY should know how to conduct herself.

  15. play like this you won

  16. Dolly Rocks!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up Dolliji we need to know the darker shades of all this fake page 3 “cheap” personalities.

    I hope “U” beat the hell out of all the phoney inmates.

    Salman let the truth prevail in the house.

  17. contestants should file a defamation suit against dolly bindra and colors channel.

  18. hi shweta how r u aap bahot achhi ho,kuch log politics kar rahe hai.please bach ke rehena thik hai

  19. Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra fight in reality show Bigg Boss 4 ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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