Bigg Boss 4 : Sara complained about Dolly

It looks like that Dolly’s candid nature is troubling the house-mates, as lately Sara Khan has threatened to quit the show following Dolly Bindra’s behavior and comments against her.

Recently, Dolly blamed Sara for giving her stale chapatis and accused her, Shweta and Veena Malik of gossiping about her and other house-mates.

The new captain of ‘Bigg Boss’ house Ashmit Patel is in a fix, how to sought out the issues especially after Sara complained about Dolly’s intolerable behavior.

Ashmit along with other house-mates tried solving the issue, but all their attempts went in vain.

On the contrary, messing up with Dolly proved expensive for Sara as Dolly bluntly revealed about Sara’s planning of back-stabbing Shweta. What came as a surprise was Veena Malik’s statement that Sara had talked about this with her too.

Indeed, Sara did talk about this in the earlier episode, but finding herself in an embarrassed situation, Sara started crying and threatened to leave the house.?

13 Responses to “Bigg Boss 4 : Sara complained about Dolly”

  1. hiiiiiiiiii

  2. vote for sara khan

  3. i wish i could hav slapped dolly,, she made saara cry,, i just want that lady to b out from big boss house

  4. saara we all are there fr u, i went to a temple, fr u , n i know u’ll win this show,, all d best

  5. I some how feel the channel is trying to save sara khan.. Coz if the voting was on definitely that week sara would go off. Coz people are disgusted by her nature…..

    Now I think shweta and Dolly will be the focus….

    Vote of AANchal… the no hanky panky shareef girl

  6. i dont like dolly, shes a ryt bully, she sed lots of things to shweta but she shud see herself. she sed to sara u give me cold chapattis wen shes da 1 hu doesnt cum 2 the table to eat with every1… and dolly sed that sara sed lots of bad thing about shweta but she didnt dolly was the 1 sayin 2 sara to stay away from shweta!

    i think DOLLY SHUD GO OUT i dont no how they could stay in the house with her !

  7. I vote 4 ANCHAL.. I DONT like veena.bcz she shows shameful acts with Ashmit.if veena shud illaminate there wud b peace in BIG BOSS

  8. I guess big boss has said dolly to be arogent with the people so she is always creating some or the other issues with each one,

  9. I’m fully agred with Hajira. vote for Veena Malik.I don’t like her attitude & the cheap act.

  10. i would support sweta tiwari because she is straight forward and this shows that she is clean froom inside to

  11. People from Bhutan supports Sweta Tiwari for her boldness and hope she makes it

  12. vote for dolly bindra as she is right ……

  13. dolly is a lier…..dolly is a lier…..we didnt wnt hr back……we wnted aanchal back…….dolly dare nt compare her popularity wid sameer……big boss is biased for dooly n alwas try saving her…….fr a change sara spoke d truth…….plz thrw both dolly n veena out of d shw n gt bck anchal…….n plz sumbody inform veena dt she is nt julia roberts……..n plz save sameer…….only sum decent ppl r lft dere……….

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