Bigg Boss 4 : Shweta took Dolly’s help

Lately the house-mates in the ‘Bigg Boss’ celebrated Diwali, and for the first time in ‘Bigg Boss’ series, a host entered the house to spend time with the contestants.

As anticipated, Salman’s entry stunned the participants as they were expecting a wild card entry.

After his smashing entry, Salman settled to chill out with the contestants, and later palyed games to cheer all, thus relieving all the tension in the house.

‘Bigg Boss’ contestants divided in two teams
As there are 11 contestants in the house, Salman asked Manoj Tiwari to assist him in carrying out the games and become his co-star.

The rest 10 contestants were divided in two teams, Pinky and Dinky.

Ashmit headed Dinky with fellow mates, Shweta, Seema, Dolly and Samir, while Hrishant was the captain of team Pinky, with Aanchal, Rahul, Veena and Khali.

The teams played three games and what came as a surprise was that Shweta took Dolly’s help in completing one of the tasks.

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  2. Dolly Bindra is a disgrace to being a woman. There is nothing lady like about her. She should be kicked out of the industry because she looks like she belongs in the jungle. Somebody needs to take a stand on that unleashed so called woman who looks like a gorilla and behaves like worse than one.

  3. I hate you Dolly. I HATE YOU…….. I HATE YOU

  4. dolly is just playing her part every episode they have seasoned trouble makers viz rakhi and kashmera, raja choudhary and sambhavna seth , kamal khan and rohit verma so this time they have dolly and shwetas for all we know the frictions could be scripted notice participants start talkingwhne the camers is on they keep on noticing the camera we nerver know!

  5. 18o films ki toh hai par pehle api maners toh dekh moti bufalo aur jb hasti ho toh hm bache dar jate hai moti kam hasa kar and ache kapde pehna kar pink color mai tu gadhi chudail lagti hai tuu

  6. hello Hrishant how r u .you r so cool person

  7. app na win karna hay big boss kha show hrishant

  8. Dear All,

    i would like to help Doli bindra and Great Khali because , she/He is straight forward personality in Big Boss Season 4,

    i think everybody is fake against Doli/ khali, thats why it is direct effect to every person in big boss………

    i think everbody knows doli is strong contender in big boss. she is very straight attack to everyone who is direct / indirect attack to doli.

    Doli Bindra go keep it up audience is always with you.

    do not back …………attack to every fake in big boss season 4….

  9. Hey dolly u are such a bitch. I agree that u are not fake but think for a minute have u ever given respect to anyone then why you expect respect from other if you shout others can also shout on you no one is your slave witch.

  10. hello everyone,
    i believe that dolly is short tempered and has no control over her anger but she is straightforward and several times the house inmates have provoked her, however she should watch her language when she speaks,the hypocrites in the house are ashmit..i hate him,veena always looking for publicity and sara..that wedding was just for nautanki..for trp

  11. Veena, Ashmit and Hrishant are good at heart. They are close but they are not manipulating people like Manoj, Sweta and Samir are doing. Salman is seemingly helping Sweta to boost her confidence by saying again and again that she looks good. Salman is the host and his every word makes a great difference directly and indirectly. They are all in a delicate situation in BIGG BOSS wondering whom to trust and whom not to,, in such a situation, salman’s praise or show of appreciation makes a lot of difference to these people. So please salman ji,, you are famous and your every word makes difference, so please try to understand what i am saying. Thank you, sir

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