Bigg Boss 4 : Bigg Boss nominated 7 housemates for Eviction

Bigg Boss nominated 7 housemates as Punishment of discussion about nomination
So now battle for eviction is between Shweta Tiwari,Seema Parihar,Rahul Bhatt,Hrishant Goswami,Veena Malik,Manoj Tiwari and Aanchal Kumar.

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  1. pls remove dolly. for the sake of trp, u cannot allow that lady to use unparliamentary words. it is hurting the people watching this. you want people to watch this tamasha. it is really unfair.

  2. I am surprised why Ashmit is not nominated for discussing nominations with other members in the house. Ashmit was seen plotting with Hrishant for nominating Shweta and Sarah recently…

  3. you guys at the big boss 4 are all bunch of hypocrites who are so prejudice that you allow big blabbermouth, good for nothing dolly to get away with all her tantrums and tomfoolery and you make the good ones suffer. you guys are simply not worth it. you dont deserve top spot on the good shows list.

  4. bigg boss can see and hear 7 house mates talking about nominations but cannot see dolly using such language and fighting with everyone . things were good before dolly but i dont feel like watching bigg boss now . i saw all the seasons , it was my favt show but not now .

  5. The programme is really got a big response.Our family members will never miss the programme. i like shwetha tiwari from the all….

  6. Dolly Bindra good for nothing the worst candidate how can all the member tolerate her
    spacially the captain Ashmit hopeless guy
    good for nothing not have courage to stop mouth of dustbin dolly bindra
    Nishan Mani

  7. Dear BigBoss
    Myself Dharamvir from Chandigarh i want to particapate in big boss season 4….

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  8. I hate Dolly.I wish big boss usey ghar se bahar nikal de.She is very bad and gandi lady. We hate her. usey wahan se nikalo pls big boss.




  10. dolly keep up the good work we needed some masalan in bigboss.and please get shaweta the kitchen queen and manoj out

  11. Pls kick Dolly Bindra and Veena Malik out!!

  12. I think it is disgusting that you show such abusive and aggressive behaviour and think it is entertaining!!!

  13. Hey Hi All, this show is really a lesson, but i really want plz evict veena as soon as possible, she cant be a muslim, she’s a worst n vulgar woman i have ever seen in my life.

  14. please veena ko ghar se bhaar nikalo itne vulger lady pure life mein nahi dekhe pure ghar ko ganda ker ke rakha hai asmit gadhe ko bhi bahar karo veena ko pakistan wapas bhejo wahi ja kaer gand machaye.

  15. see one main thing is that fight in front of food plss never ever and another thing is that if u have come to big boss pls enjoy dont keep quiet always like seema i think that seema should be out

  16. form muscat

  17. dolly is bitch she is not woman bludy bitch

  18. big boss doly ko nikalo program se plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. i really like the show.

  20. doly ko nikalo big boss

  21. Show the RED CARD to Dolly and Veena

    Seema is the QUEEN MOTHER while Shweta is the REAL QUEEN and Sara is the CUTE PRINCESS and Aanchal should use her TONGUE.

  22. I have watched bigg boss 4 regularly and never missed an episode,u’ve done a gr8 job by calling Dolly Bindra,she is honest,and I believe she spks right…though she is loud but tht’s fine..the only contestant to manipulate bb4 is that shweta tiwari,she’s a nuisance,genuine request please evict her….

  23. CONGRATS to SARA for her coming Wedding. May the Couple spend their honeymoon in BB House.

  24. moti bufalo gandi pink color pehnti hai to aur gandi lagti kyu hm bacho ko darati hai 180 film ki hai par hai to tu bhans kutya sb milke nikalo is sand ko big boss se

  25. big boss is fraud, He didn’t wanted Sarah , Ishmet and Samir to be eliminated because show’s rating would droup, so to keep it he did this , BIGBOSS IS A FOOOOL!

  26. madarchot show ahe plz baghunaka ugach dokyachi zav zav kartat te lok

  27. I love Shweta Tiwari….She is real women..Veena should be out ..she is a vulgur lady..salli mahol ko ganda kar rahi hai..Veena go back to Pakistan

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