Bigg Boss 4 : Surprise for Sara Khan

Sara Khan, who had been openly confessing her feelings for Ashmit Patel on Bigg Boss, has now taken a step back. When confronted by Ali Merchant, she said that she and Ashmit are just good friends. Sara Khan who was playing the role of a puppy on show, was asked to become the caretaker for another puppy waiting for her at the activity area. But the real shocker came when the identity of the puppy was revealed! Sara was stunned to know that the puppy was actually her beau Ali Merchant.

Ali Merchant, after exchanging pleasantries with other housemates, confronted Sara, and told her how much he loves her.

He also expressed his concern over the rumours circulating about Ashmit and her relationship.

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  1. people can do any thing for money which we can see in big boss lossers

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