Veena Malik loves Hrishant Goswami

A bird in hand is worth two in bush. Ask Ashmit patel in Big Boss. He moved on from Sara Khan to Veena Malik and now Veena Malik says that she likes Hrishant Goswami. What an insult, Veena first woos him and then tells him to go and tell Harishand that she loves him. Hrishant Goswami is the winner of 2004 Gladrags Manhunt. He has been quietly scoring some 283 points and is a average in the Big Boss. He is a perfect goat for Veena Malik who is desperate to stay put in Big Boss.

Dolly Bindra asked Veena to open her heart to the man Veena says she ‘currently’ loves.

But, Hrishant Goswami does not want to be in cross border love affair. He says that Veena is cute but, he ain’t interested. May be he is once slapped and twice shy. If you remember.

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  1. i really like veena n hirshant is aslo gud n both will make a gud couple , n 4 love no borders no boundries… veena has to stay in the show coz main just us k leye ye show dekhte hon so plz she has to be in the show till the end…. luv u veena

  2. i really like veena n main ye show bus veena k leye he dekhta hon to she has to stay in the show .. and i like your jodi with hershant n payar main koe border n boundries nae hote so if u really like hershant then we all pray for your luv … luv you so much veena

  3. hi
    i think that pakistani lady have only one type of relation
    kyon ki whaan to bhai behan ki bhi shaAdi ho jaati hai —-kya gandaa khel khel rahi hai chumma chaati eak se aour love doosare se—— what a joke is it love or flIrting pahale to ussi se gaali galouch aour abb keh rahi hai ki pahale din se hi pyaar ho gya PYAAR KA MATALAB BHI PTTA HAI USKO SHE IS NOT A GOOD LADY ONLY WANTS TO PASS TIME BASS

  4. Hi Its dashing Sohail Sama So Whass up Guys What hell in the Bigg Boss 4 the time has come to play a safe game in the house so all the contestant are trying to make emotional fool to cathch the mind of the housemates, I love Veena Malik From the heart of mine veena is a player who knows the rules and idiotness and emotional love tri – game in the whole nature of boys . so boys cat

  5. Veena is step by step revealing her true colours, always in search of next best alternative. These type of persons like Veena can go to any extent to catch attention and make their image spicier. Hrishant has acted sensibly by turning off her proposal wisely.

  6. iam so happy that ali will accept sara good couples

  7. veena malik is just other rakhi sawant , she must have gone to swayamvar to choose a guy for her , and hirshant has clearly rejected her , and she was sleeping and kissing ahsmit and then proposed hirshant it was a big shocke for us hahaha lol what kind of lady is she with double face she is so free that anybody can kiss her and hug her , veeeena ji we are seeing your true face now .

  8. i really like veena malik and just saw this show because of her.
    best of luck veena ji..

  9. She is the worst lady in the show
    kissing Ashmit and says love u to Hrishant

  10. Veena hahaha she is an oppurtunist and a cheap woman like many in the world including India.Well she is afool having no values. well i want to comment on k pakistan mai to behen bhaion ki shadi ho jate hai bhai pehle puri baat ka pata kia karain ohir backwass kia karen agar aap cousins ko behen bhai bna daite hainb to iss mai aap ki mentality ka kasur hai aur aap bhi veena ki tarhah cheap baat kare hain kissi k relegion ko misinterpret kar k . So please jab kissi baat k bare mai pata na ho to comment na kia karain

  11. pakistani whore veena malik should be banned in india.., entire time pakistanis crib about indians then why their artists are always in india trying to make their careers?

  12. Veena Malik loves Hrishant Goswami at Salman Khan Bigg Boss 4 ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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