Nikah for Sara-Ali on Bigg Boss 4

It’s official now. There will be a wedding ceremony taking place in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Ali Merchant and his fiancé Sara Khan will be married on Nov. 10.

Incidentally, Ali made an entry in the house after coaxing the officials of the channel, since he wanted to win the heart of his girlfriend Sara after she had earlier revealed in the house that she didn’t want to continue being with him.

Nov. 10, the third relationship anniversary for Ali and Sara
Ali who has managed to mend all the differences with his girlfriend, proposed to Sara in the house and admitted to ‘Bigg Boss’ that he wanted to marry her in the house. Understandably, Sara too showed a keen interest to get married in ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

Both had asked ‘Bigg Boss’ that they would like to enter into wedlock on the 10th, since on that day they would be completing three years of their relationship.

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  1. Congrates sara and ali in advance.

  2. oh reallyyy well they looked amazing as couple then was the all that was just a symapthy stunt by sara when she troed her photgraphs with Ali when she entered the BIG BOSS house……god people could do this but to gain publicity……good luck to the bridend groom….hope this doesn;t turned out to be a fake stunt only…….

  3. Mubarak ho aap dono ko…

    Bus bitiya aage se khayaal rakhna, koi oot patang tamasha mat karna,achchae se nibhana ‘coz Marriage is more about BEING the RIGHT CHOICE than having the RIGHT CHOICe. All THe Best

  4. Better stop this Drama, this all pre planned by Big Boss… this is not a really show at all…

    after this wedding i feel most of them will stop watching this show going forward.

  5. This is all made up.. . And a publicity stunt. They have been married since the last 2 yrs. Again its a shame that ppl can go to wat ever extent for money and publicity. The room dat is given to them in big boss has cameras in it. . . Ha ha ha more TRP. Shame on them.

  6. mubarik ho app dono ko and best of luck in ur future

  7. as salam walykum…..Ali and sara you look mashallha ur wedding was great……….may allha give u aloy of happyness……..sara their is a advise for u is keep ur temper little bit low…..some time u have being too harsh….ali is a great person…..takecare of him……


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