My eviction was scripted : Rahul Bhatt

Fitness trainer and aspiring actor Rahul Bhatt, who is the latest evictee from Bigg Boss 4, says his ousting was scripted by the channel as he was not a TRP generator.

The 28-year-old son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who came into news for being friends with David Coleman Headley – an accused in the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks, said he was “pleasantly surprised” when the show host Salman Khan announced his name Friday as the one leaving the house.

Rahul Bhatt had two things on his mind immediately after his ouster from the Bigg Boss house on Friday night — spending diwali with family and getting back to the gym. But wasn’t he gymming enough in the Bigg Boss house? “Oh, but there weren’t enough weights there,” he says with a giggle, adding, “But I got to learn a lot from Khali in that department.”

Calling his stay in the house an enriching experience, Bhatt, son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says, “I was myself on the show. Most importantly, I have no regrets about anything.”

Not even about supporting Dolly Bindra? “No, I think she is much more genuine than most people in the house. She is straightforward and says everything on the face. However, I supported her on her being the kitchen captain; I didn’t do the same when she and Shweta Tiwari fought.”

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  1. Behut dukh hwa rahul je for ur eviction.

  2. Rahul, your character is eye opener.
    in future i will not keep faith on any body after seeing your character. you seems to be honest and genuine person but you are a spot in the name of your father mahesh bhatt.
    you r a conspirator. see your character in big boss 4, the way you were preparing dolley to fight against all.

  3. Rahul may have a point. Perhaps his aversion to titillating scenes and his no-nonsense attitude sealed his fate.(In Season 2 of Bigg Boss, Debji Saha was evicted after being nominated by Bigg Boss, although he did not take part in any intrigue.)

    We missed out on the 0-10 scale Rating and the pithy evaluation of co-participants during the Akhri Salaam for Rahul. Rahul’s assessment of the degree of FAKENESS of others would have been a ready reckoner. You impressed us all, Rahul – you are a chip of the old block.

  4. cheers rahul

  5. i like rahul very much ,,and i was shocked when salman called his name ,he was genuine in bigg boss house,but sometimes more childhish,that part is like a real person..which i enjoyed..

  6. rahul u r double facer.

  7. its in the news that Veena Mallik’s has lip-lock with a male inmate in bigboss the footage is of 2 mints .but channel is considering not to on air it or just edit it and give the viewers 20 sec of the steamy scene…its also in the news that veena had her malfunction in bigboss that wont be on aired

  8. My niece was laughing at me when reading one paragraph on your post “……” this is it, you just nailed it down buddy.

  9. Find and select some good points from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

    – Henry

  10. nothing to left in big boss for now… so they r stunned for now…and doing childish things…like dolly getting GHOST ATTACK!!!!!! WHT THE FKING SHAME……………..!!!!!!!!

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