Sara-Ali wedding : A Big Drama on Bigg Boss?

There were rumours more than a year ago about Sara Khan and Ali Merchant being married, but the couple always denied it.

Now just when they are about to tie the knot in the Bigg Boss house, the rumour has started again and is stronger than before.

So what’s the whole drama on Bigg Boss about, then? Clearly Sara’s closeness to Ashmit Patel in the initial days of the reality show, after declaring that Ali and she are no more a couple — which prompted Ali to make an entry in the house, and now the big wedding today — is all pre-planned. Rahul Bhatt, who was out of the house last week, too has reportedly said that this wedding is scripted.

There’s also an email doing the rounds that Ali and Sara have been paid around Rs 50 lakh for this. Whether Ashmit became an innocent victim here is unclear.

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  1. Really i can say when ali came to house they were discussing together i was assured this all the things are prescripted by big boss team its look very funny for publicity purpose celebraity are doing this kind of drama really we can say they are good actor Frontend or backend of the screen

    Really Time pass marriage …..only at BIG BOSS

  2. Now the time has come that there should be a separate censor board for TV. These days we are seeing lots of reality shows coming up but we (customers) does not know whether they are scripted or not. Some of the shows like “Rakhi ka Insaff” and “Big Boss 4” seem to be scripted and all is done to raise the TRP and make money. They are fooling peoples. Its equivalent to match fixing where all the results are already been fixed. We are living in demarcating country and we have the right to raise our voice so we can enjoy what we see. The board should do proper investigation to make sure we are not seeing any scripted show in the name of reality show and if some channel is broadcasting these shows that channel should be banned else this game will keep on going.

  3. Please end this perfect bride episodes. This is big boss and not

  4. Totally agree it was a disgrace for television , my 10 fingers down and “one” finger up for the marriage.

    Well I was wondering what else after marriage can be sold on television ??????? ;-P…………

    for 50 lacs a great deal…….

  5. it’s so shocking that this stars are so cheap.
    i hate sara khan. she is over childish in show and a loose character person . she dont share a bit chemistry vth ali and just for money got ready to marry him . further she is still confused what she want from life.

  6. ya it’s true.

  7. how did the rumor came in the bigg boss house?

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  9. they are already married? just performed a DRAMA in big boss house …FAKE ALI FAKE SARA…
    she has introduced Ali as her husband on several TV award shows and now saying he is the boyfirend….SHIT

    paid 50 lac for publicity…

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