Bigg Boss 4 : Aanchal Kumar is out from Bigg Boss Season 4

Aanchal Kumar is out from Bigg Boss’s House. she was one of the housemates of Bigg Boss season 4.

This week three people were nominated for eviction Aanchal Kumar, Ashmit Patel and Dolly Bindra.

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  1. Hoping the makers of Big boss 4 can read this…Aanchal’s eviction confirms this show is a scripted drama no less than other saas bahu shows….this certainly cannot be called a ‘reality show’ as every eviction is planned…the bitch ‘dolly bindra’ has been kept in for the TRP…would not call this a colossal loss to makers, but you have lost one viewer in me..

  2. i really like her.
    she is too gorgeous to be human am saying this because only fairies in heaven possess such beauty.
    wanted to see her for some more days. but no probs.
    may god bless her throughout her life

  3. This is the worst Bigg Boss season……… Channel is just fooling us……….there is nothing real in this reality show…. no any meaning of our votes (although I never vote or voted for any one in any reality show, bcoz I know the reality of these shows).

    I just jst want to share here that if there is no any palce in BIGG BOSS house for trouble creating people then why DOLLY BINDRA (DHOLAK-?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???, ???? ??? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??) is still there……………
    All is jst 4 TRP BOSS…..
    “?????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??………….. ?????? ??…….
    ??? ????? ????-???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ??……….
    ?????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??…………….. ?????? ??…….”

    ????? ? ???? ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ?? BIGG BOSS ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????, ????………..
    ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? …………

  4. I agree with Ankur, it is scipted for TRP that`s why Aanchal is out and they kept Dolly as masaala

  5. Hello BiggBoss,

    I am really a good fan of your show but i am really sorry now it became the worst show in my eyes just because of the behavior of some people basically DOLLY BINDRA .She behave in the most irriotic way and with this she corrupt the entire environment of the show and in today’s episode on 17th of Nov, you really made the wrong decision of eliminating Sameer with dolly.Its really not fair.It is wrong and now I believe that this is going very fake just to increase the TRP of the show and the channel.Now it is my request to eliminate only DOLLY not as she is not at all that much capable to be the part of that family.

  6. Hiiiii BiggBoss

    This is one your viewer who is now stop going to see the show, as this show became really vulgar now which result i was not able to see this with my family .Whatever they do they act is really worst.Sorry to say that but Dolly is one of the biggest drama who creates unnecessary drama with everyone another is veena……..! Plz its our request to make the reality show really.and it is fake show.Please dont think only for TRP but with this think for the normall viewers as well as for the childrens also.

  7. Gt anchal back along wid sameer….dese were only some genuine ppl left in dt house……

  8. Anchal ko bahar karna ye big boss ka sabse galat decision tha I m very upset about this decision. I want that Aachal gt back in the Big Boss 4………………..I Luv 2 see Aachal in the Big Boss4.

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