Bigg Boss 4 : Ali Merchant vented out his frustration on Dolly Bindra

In the recent episode of ‘Aakhri Salaam’ with Salman Khan, Ali Merchant vented out his frustration on Dolly Bindra and hit her on face.

Hold on, as it was not the real Dolly Bindra. Some one from the audience donned a mask of Dolly.

Indeed, Ali Merchant played his cards well. Initially when he entered ‘Bigg Boss’, he was seen favoring Dolly and later, he ditched her by speaking against her with the other house-mates.

During the conversation with Salman, Ali rubbished the rumors that he and Sara had married earlier and were paid Rs 50 lakh by the channel to marry again on the show.

Strangely, he candidly spoke against Sara’s parents, alleging that they were lying and everything her parents did was for money.

Ali Merchant said, “Sara does not get along with her parents because they are not concerned about her. She supports her family financially. I know them only as Sara’s parents, so I’m not concerned either.”

“Why would we marry again? We were engaged, and the pictures being circulated are from that ceremony.”

Ali even commented that if this was their second marriage, then Sara’s uncle would not have attended their marriage in ‘Bigg Boss’.

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