Bigg Boss 4 : Dolly Bindra, Khali and Sara Khan nominated for Eviction

Captain Sweta Tiwari’s  Nomination of  this week is Dolly Bindra.

Housemate of Bigg Boss Season 4 Nominated Khali  and Sara Khan for eviction nomination for this week.

So now battle for eviction is between Dolly Bindra, Khali and Sara Khan.

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  1. I hate Dolly so she must go out from the show.

  2. sweta tiwari is the best and i wish her best for winning bigg boss 4. good luck sweta.

  3. It’s unbearable to watch Dolly Bindra’s profanities & Veena Malik’s sleaze fest. Samir Soni comes across as the only decent man in this show. His courage needs to be lauded & not punished. Shweta Tiwari has conducted herself well. Final verdict is that if you want us to continue watching your show, Dolly Bindra needs to be evicted immediately. Why should Samir Soni be blamed for her provocation – she does not need any provocation from anybody to be the aggressive, vulgar, crude person that she is. EVICT DOLLY BINDRA, she is not entertaining but disgusting to watch.

  4. this show is an utter non sense and it should be stopped…. its all lie and people inside it are all hipocrrates…wat message are u givin to our children …. all bad words and useless languages…. stop this nonsense immediately….

  5. Pl out dolly bindra, he has stupid housmate of biggboss season-4, she has all time dominate by sweta tiwary. Sameer ha good personality of bigg boss. So do not terminte of big boss.

  6. This not fair, the eviction of Sameer alongwith Dolly Bindra.Dolly bindra is such a nonsense person always provoke people and use abusive language,Is this is what her culture taught her .which is sending wrong msg to the viewers.Only Dolly Bindra should be evicted .Sameer did right by confonting dolly otherwise she always unstoppable and target people’s personal life.Dolly is the biggest hypocrate seen in my life…Very strange to see Veena and ashmit are such a useless fellows.Ashmit is a real coward instead of supporting he kept himself away.Such a selfish person (Sammer supported ashmit when Dolly fighting with Ashmit,ashmit is such a [email protected]#$%^&*……..

  7. Good to see PAM in Big boss house….expecting some fun

  8. today on 17th nov the issue between dolly and sam is really upset and the role of biggboss is very very diplomatic either both in or both out,,,,,,this seems to be a fake biggboss.

    really this season is worst form their all earlier season……..biggboss you suck man

    i salute sam……….

  9. ____

    Big Boss, just bcoz u hav money to telecast a show doesnt mean u can be so lowly to decide dat Khali who touched Samir offensively shudnt go out & Samir who dint even touch Dolly should go out

    U are just a torture for indian culture that teaches to respect

    1)Take out Dolly
    If Dolly doesnt stop by words,u hav t stand in her way.U shud hav seen her tone going low,when Samir stood,but u saw just ur TRP and profit goin up if, Dolly stays.

    So its not Dolly but u,who is the real villan

    Take out Khali
    who thought he was too strong to throw Samir to some distance
    Khali is a confused person.He says dat his touch was just a touch but he knows at heart that it was lyk a throw for a normal person
    “With big size comes big esponsiblity” may be he doesnt hav a big brain to rmember dat

    U asking Dolly n Samir to go out,its like telling dat out of Kumbkaran & Shurpnakha,u choose Shurpnakhna & Ram to go out

    Bravo!BIG LOSS,oops. BIG BOSS. No doubt u hav less TRP than KBC which ever Pamila u call home!

  10. Hello, I ‘m a regular enthusiast of BB4.I can’t understand the things going on BB4 house but i still watch it to know more abt the people inside and human inside them.But I am really angry for the concept in Indian entertainment media to let violence creep in.the definition of entertainment has been changed.You dont have to make them quarrell and believe me people get dissapointed with that BEEP sounds.You,Big Boss, also know the roots of everyday battle,THE Dolly Bindra,the next confused existance after YETI.Khali has shown his “ghochu” attitude now.wrestlers have brain in knees.what an idiot…last thing i want to say is…please keep harmony..they are in that house for money ,we know, for the reward/prize but not in the cost of their own respect,individuality,personality and status…khali has lost it, Asmit is an *** hole, Sarah is nautanki(Ali’s future burden),Bina hungar for Indian media market,Hrishant boy next door,Seema bandit didi,Sam passionate I-Lost-it emotional brother…and yepp Dolly-Muh Kholi-jhaal jholi!!!

  11. hi! mujhe to bigboss show main shabse gret banda khali hi laga. kayoki wah bahut hi simpal our shadharn tarike se rahte hain.unko meri taraf se very good lak and thank you.

  12. what are u trying to show the whole India thru this Big Boss.

    It is not Big Boss it is Big Loss for India next generation.

    This must stop immediately.

  13. Hi ! big Boss, aap hume pure din ki vardat 1 ghante me dikhate hai, aur aap to pura din sab dekhte hai, to kya aap khud nahi dekh sakte ki Dolly ka kya raviya raha hai – logo k prati. Hum audience ki dikhai de raha hai k khali ne sam ko dhakka diya, to kya aap ko itne camare k bavajod bhi nahi dikh raha k usne dhakka diya ya just side kiya.? aap khali ko bulakar kyoun pucha rahe hai? woh to na hi bolega na? Aur Dolly jo itne din se chillamchilly kar rahi hai woh aapko dikhai – sunai nahi deta? aap bar bar yeh bol rahe hai ki mamale ko sambhala ja sakta tha – to isme koi kitna sambhale? koi bhi out of control ho sakta hai. Sam kitne din se aisa hi behavoiur kar rahe hai jaisa ki Dolly Day 1st se kar rahi hai? to sam aur Dolly ki saja same kyun? dolly ko to jyada saza honi chaiye. sam ko kum. Agar aapko TRP ki hi padi hai to aap jaan lijiye ki isse aapki TRP badh nahi rahi hai par aap ke prati logo ki jo respect hai woh kum ho rahi hai. aap kya yeh baat samaj rahe hai? aur kya aap decision nahi le sakte? sab dekha kar ki aap gharwalo se puchha rahe hai? aur jab gharwalo ne bhi ans kar diya phir bhi aapne kyun koi decision nahi liya? kya aap logo ki pratikriya janane k baad koi decision lena chahate hai? jaise bb3 me Pravesh k khana barbad karte waqt lithi? tabhi aapne 24 hrs baad koi action liya tha – kyun? agar decision lena hi hai to itni der kyun? aap to 24hrs sab dekh rahe hai…

  14. I think people should boycott big boss as it has gone to the lowest level for cheap TRP by evicting samir soni, the only good man in big boss house


  16. Bigg Boss 4 : Dolly Bindra, Khali and Sara Khan nominated for Eviction…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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