Dolly Bindra made a re-entry to the show in a wooden box

The actress who makes others suffer with her verbal diarrhoea made a re-entry to the show in a wooden box on Saturday morning but the episode will be aired on Monday evening. As no one likes her in the house, it came as a shock for the inmates. Sameer Soni was reportedly called to the confession box and was given a key to open the wooden box placed in the garden, and dhan tana!, Dolly popped out.

It’s learnt that Dolly is back in the show on public demand. Without her there was no excitement in the Bigg Boss house and TRPs were going down.

14 Responses to “Dolly Bindra made a re-entry to the show in a wooden box”

  1. Dont renter Dolly…..

  2. dolly moet niet meer naar bigg een grote vrouw maar
    gedraagt zich als een geestelijk gestoord.
    hoe kan dan zoiemand in bigg boos.ze is afschuwelijk.
    hier in suriname is ze echt niet gewild!!1

  3. Hrishant is trying to make Shewta Tiwari look bad because he wants Ashmit to win. He probably has made a deal with him once Ashmit is out of the house. But definately the most talented, flexible, courageous and beautiful person is Shewta. I think her strength comes from being a single mum, a career woman and picking an absolute scum bag of an ex-husband.It is obvious in the way she deals with situations that others would have cratered under.
    This may be a game but my respect for Hrishant has gone down dramatically. He could not even explain to Salman Khan why Shweta was not a decent person. He came up with stupid answers that made me cringe in my chair.
    Shweta is the champ!!!!

  4. I dont understand when was the voting done for Dolly’s coming back?

    I hate her in house and all my friends and family hates her too.

    We are not watching your serial from now on

  5. now I will stop watching the show bloody BB, I hate ur cheap tricks

  6. wow..what a reason for bringing back dolly..public vote..i do not know why big boss not put a poll asking pepole if they want to see dolly being slapped by other house mates.. now i’m fully convinced that rakhi ka insaaf and bigg boss are of same level.just trp..and i can feel how show can degrade with change of host.

  7. Big Boss 4 is a crap. Salman is extremly sad.. he laughs and cracks funny jokes just for himself.. actually he just entertains himself… I think big boss has to create crowd on fridays for salman in aakhri salaam.. again the most stupid part of big boss is wild card entry and reetry of Dolly Bindra (shameless lady – very cheap), the producer of Big boss is making fool of the people. I would request people to avoid wathcing this piece of shit.. shame yaar.

  8. what a stuppid decision by bigg boss!!

  9. it is very clear that you do not respect the feelings of senior citizen

  10. What a justice of big boss…???????????????
    Dolly bindra, the culprit, who made everybodys life miserable and hell in big boss comes back wwith a bang.
    Shweta tiwari who was the hurt and injured party has to pay reverence to Dolly bindra as a sultana???? Not only that…she has also got the power to save one of the nominees and also stays clear from this weeks eviction.
    Is that what u call bieng fair????
    Bull Shi* is bieng dolled out that through public voting Dolly has been bought back.
    She has been bought back only to rise the TRP of the show.
    Well now that Big Boss has done this injustice do you people want to continue watching the show and lettting the show and channel producers to win just an injust treatment on all the other members????Dont you all wish to protest?
    We are abondoning the show…not interested anymore. if all they want is Shi* bought to the show, the let them ait it to people who want to see Shi*.
    Please comment and fight this in justice of Big Boss.

  11. she is very entertaining in biggboss only for us but not for there housemates in biggboss.

  12. VOTE for MANoj TIWARI

  13. i thank the team of BB for send dolly back in the show, i hope she again rocikng

  14. bringing dolly back is bull shit.u did all this just for TRP.people hate her why the hell they vote her.she physically assaulted sameer and if some one does this,there is no place in big boss house for such person,then why is dolly brought back.this is wrong and inappreciable.shame on yo do against your own words.

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