Manoj is upset with Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari and Veena Malik

Manoj Tiwari feels relieved to be evicted from Bigg Boss 4- Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari stated that Bigg Boss was a dangerous holiday and he feels relieved that he has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Post his eviction, Manoj stated “I was sad and feeling dejected for the past few days and I kept saying that on camera too. The house is not for creative people — we can’t write or read and get dragged into dumb politics.”

He said further, “The house was full of stupid people who don’t know to respect people and say just about anything! I am a respected man and will not take any crap from anyone.”

Manoj is upset with Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari, and Veena Malik.

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  1. Manoj was evicted – its ok but who is Arbaaz to promote
    Ashmit? With just one hit – these Khan brothers think they rule Bollywood – They just cannot be compared to Hrithik, Shahrukh who are gentlemen – have etiquette and they know how to talk with respect.

  2. Hello Dear Salman

    Bigg Boss is going in right direction. And the public never know that what happened. It is exited. Thanks

  3. dolly is kameni

  4. BB please ask Kahli to respect Seema. I am noticing for sometime, Khali treats Seema as if she is from a servant class and any cleaning work to be done he tells her to do, why can’t he do it himself?.

    Because of circumstance she became a dacoit, but once she came to age and when the opportunity was provided she came out of the bad environment.

    Where as Khali, did nothing in his entire life but eat, eat & eat…….eat develop the body but not the brain.

    Added to this, after Dolly’s re-entry she must have about Seema’s popularity and he is jealous of Seema also. Very discretely he and Dolly snubs Seema, not that Seema allows it! she is more capable of standing for herself.

    Life has made Seema to be tough, what being brought up in jungle and later being in jail, naturally, she has seen the bad and tough side of life.

    I do have noticed that she is moody and will always be thinking of something always alone. Naturally, while all the other contestants have a well-off, if not well-off to a certain extent comfortable life back at home. whereas she is struggling to get even basic necessities, for her family and child back home. She is always worried what is happening to them during her absence.

    Seema’s problem can never be understood by Khali, he is so huge like Dinasorus! which was never aware of the create eating its own body part, which caused its extinction.

    At least we are not dinasorus! we are watching him!, please make him aware of his behaviour towards Seema, warn him about his behavious and ask him to correct himself.

    Thank you,


  5. Manoj Tiwari,
    You are great.
    We miss you.
    Bigboss is boring without , please re-enter.

  6. big boos me nautanki no 1 Dooly binra 2nd veena malik and asmit patel Khali is petu and Dooly ka chmcha samir soni seema sweta and manoj so good

  7. hey!salu miya.I am just 13 years old.Iam the biggest fan of yours.I hate all the members(leave shweta).otherwise winner is shweta only…………………. I LUV U……..

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