Bigg Boss 4 : Khali becomes the house captain for the second time

As per the changed format, three names are nominated for the captaincy role and the names being Dolly, Seema and Khali. Khali manages to win maximum votes. Even Dolly and Seema vote for Khali. Khali becomes the house-captain for the second time. Housemates then discuss that they are relieved that Dolly is no more the captain of the house.

Later in the night Ashmit and Sara Khan have a tiff. Sara tells Ashmit that she now wants to leave the house and has started missing ‘Ted’ (Ali). To this Ashmit over-reacts and tells Sara that she is a two faced personality and is not genuine. Sara tries to reason with him when Ashmit shouts and tells her that she kept on nominating Veena continuously despite of being a friend.This leads to a big fight till Veena comes in between and separates Ashmit and Sara from the fight.

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  1. I Agree with SARA. BIG BOSS is partal with Doly and Khali too, throught this season which ruined his image.


  2. can anyone tell me why there are changes of rules in bigg boss…i mean to state earlier it was shown once, you can not discuss the captaincy nomination discussion among house people and some of them were punished too….. secondly veena malik’s behavior and attitude is little violating the atmosphere why she isn’t it remind for same?

  3. how you say bigg boss decision is not partial with dolly ? every body knows that you are extra take care of dolly ? why ? nobody knows !!! and you are saying its a LOKTANTRIK decision ? surprise to know this ? may be dolly bindra’s husband is very well known person and bigg boss oblige the situation. can’t you see what veena is doing ? atleast sara has some ethics not like her. and what about khali !! just stand like a “KHAMBHA” !!!! not doing anything and even viewers can not listen his speech properly. are they paying you ? or you are paying them ?


  4. After seeing episode where you said, public voted Dolly Bindra to come back.

    Please note following first then try to make fool to peoples.

    Her husband is wellknown journalist and under some pressure, you have made a deal with and using public name that public voted. You are a misguiding peoples and do not say that you justifies.

    She is useless and Nonsense women, public is sure that when she saw herself on the TV, she realized that she is really what, we are sure that Her Husband, you have made a deal to present her as nice woman and always give weightage for all task.

    This you are doing to attract people to see it and increase your T.R.P.

  5. Khali is not a cable captain. And the eviction of sara is not voted by public but decided by Bigboss 100%. This is not fare.

  6. If sara said something for Bigboss, she is evicted but what about the other said by other housemates earlier? And the nautanki and khali-deemakh wali veena is still in the home? what is this? nobody understand what veena answer when somebody ask something to her. We really don’t understand. Veena Mallik, Murdabaad.

  7. Ab aya Oont pahad k niche !
    I am sure, thats what BIGBOSS is thinking right now.
    Its quite evident since beginning, BIGBOSS himself is ‘pro-Dolly/Ashmit/Veena/Khali(let me say Dolly&Co)’ and ‘anti-sameer/shweta/seema(Sameer&Co)’.Believe me ! it pains me when I say that. For, I have been quite a follower of BB since its 1st season and this time BB is certainly showing strong symptoms of ‘Favouritism’. All though, Favouritism is not a big issue with me since everyone has favourites, its the way BB is achieving those ulterior targets, trampling all the morals, ethics and fooling millions of viewers. Oh yes ! I do have strong reasons when I say that.
    Importantly! without any doubt whatsoever, one can say Sameer&Co is the public’s-choice to win this show. Whatever may be the ultimate outcome !(I seriously doubt it at this stage), but Sameer&Co is surely more towards sanity ( & perhaps more away from BB-ki-marzi).
    I say this because, BB has been consistent in acting against Sameer&Co, be it stalling of Public-votings (when KHALI was nominated), OR saving VEENA by empowering DOLLY at right time (poor MANOJ was made a scapegoat then). The real clincher however was, Operation-Elimination-SEEMA, by conducting absurd-nominations at the hands of then captain-KHALI. Even a child could predict then, which pair KHALI would nominate.
    BB certainly has a soft spot for DOLLYji. Only SARA dared to point a finger and she was promptly thrown out of the show. Her ouster was well planned and superbly executed. During her eviction-week, her videos were thrown to the news hungry channels and her image was systematically decimated leading her to eviction. Poor girl! And its all called ‘Apka Farmaan’. Hah ! what a Joke ! Blame it all on the viewers.
    Not only this,BB-via-Salman, took pride in explaining how justified BB was when DOLLY was reinstated into the show after a public voting (Sameer-Dolly clash). Oh yeah ! don’t sell me that ! SAMEER was clearly foxed into this one. Sensing public ire, SAMEER was instantly sent back into the house and since DOLLY was a real TRP-raiser, BB cleverly accommodated her. Or else, WHY DIDN’T BB CONDUCT A PUBLIC-VOTING BETWEEN DOLLY & SAMEER THEN ? TO DECIDE AS TO WHO WAS A BETTER/DESERVING CANDIDATE TO RE-ENTER THE HOUSE. Now answer that one BB. Dum Hai? Okay ‘Mr.Great BB’, let me make it easier for you. You could have also added the names of all the other untill-then-eliminated-members to that poll-list. Howzzzat! Ha ha ha. So that, poll-thing was just an eye-wash.
    BB has been taking all liberty in bending rules to torment Sameer&Co. eg- whenver a member from Dolly&Co goes out, they are given a choice to nominate(certain-nomination) one person and contray to this when a Sammer&Co member goes out, they are asked to give routine-2-nomination-names. Similarly during Captains’s-nomination, Dolly&Co is blessed with single-nomination- power while Sameer&Co has to be satisfied with routine-2-name-nominations. To top the crime-list, BB has this time let the captain SHEWTA to be amongst nominations. SHAME ON YOU BB! I can see whats cooking in there. BB is out to get SAMEER/SHWETA. I am sure this time some surprises like Double-Evictions are in store. Certainly then, some one among SHWETA&SAMEER will have to walk out along with DOLLY. Great Plan!! BB. BB4 is certainly taking viewers for a ride.

  8. BB 3
    Pravesh Rana scoring above Poonam- Suspicious & Shocking.

    BB 4
    Dolly scoring above Sameer Soni (Sameer’s 2nd eviction)- Very Very Shocking & BB’s tyranny established beyond doubt.

    As a fan of BIGG BOSS, I am devastated.
    Have lost all faith in BIGG BOSS.
    It has become a mere money-churning machine for the makers of BB. They have lost all values, morals & ethics, and have also sacrificed the just image of BB. Want to say, SHAME ON YOU BB!
    But, on introspection, I will say, SHAME ON ME! for watching show like BB3 & BB4. No issues further! I am retiring as a fan&viewer of BIGG BOSS, forever. Want to say only this to BB, you have lost a loyal-viewer of all 4 seasons. Bye BB! You will never hear from me again.

  9. Sameer Soni eliminated again!
    wat d ****!?!!
    sachhai se vishwas ooth gaya!!
    ootha le ! bhagwaan ! ootha le!
    mere ko nahi,
    BIGGBOSS ko..

  10. Sameer Soni eliminated again!
    wat d ****!?!!
    Gali gali me shor hai!
    BIGGBOSS 4- chor hai..

  11. Bigg Boss is useless.. Sameer Soni went out !
    Thats like 2G scam. Every1 saw RAJA doing it, but non stoppd him.
    similalrly,evry1 saw BiggBoss treating Sameer Soni badly, but non cud do anything about it.
    I wondr how viewers shud backlash against these kinda trash?!
    any ideas?!!

  12. sameer ko nikal diya..
    main SalmanKhan ko shraap deta hu..!
    ja Salman tu Kuwara hi marega..

  13. The secret is out !!
    BiggBoss is DollyBindra’s Husband

  14. Shameful eviction of SAMEER SONI..
    will never watch anything 4m production house -ENDEMOL
    & also recommend the same to everyone.

  15. We want justice!
    We want SAMEER SONI!

    BiggBoss4 is Bigg Hoax…
    Bring Back SAMEER SONI!
    Bring Back SAMEER SONI!

    ENDEMOL is Fraudster..
    We want justice!
    We want SAMEER SONI!

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