Raginni MMS on Bigg Boss 4

Ekta Kapoor makes a rare television appearance on ”Bigg Boss” to reveal the big secret of Balaji and Alt Entertainment’s next controversial movie
, Raginni MMS, commencing shooting on December 15.

Ekta will spill the beans to ‘Bigg Boss’ host, Salman Khan, in what promises to be an exciting spectacle featuring two heavyweights interacting with each other on television for the first time. Remarked Ekta, “I am a Salman fan and look forward to meeting him to announce Raginni MMS.”

Raginni MMS is due for a March/April 2011 release.

What better platform than a reality show that captures real unscripted drama of strangers locked in a house with over 50 cameras, to launch a movie based on a sensational real-life incident.

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