Big Boss 4 : Sara is angry with her folks

Actor Sara Khan, who was evicted from TV reality show Bigg Boss last week, can’t believe that her parents have said that she had wedded co-participant actor Ali Merchant, long before the two tied the knot on screen, in November. Sara’s parents had claimed that the two got married in 2008,and that the wedding on the show was a sham. “I am shocked. I have no clue what they were thinking, and why they are upset with me. I will speak to my parents about this,” she says.

Sara is also angry with her folks because they believe that Merchant is only after her money.

Last of Sara Khan Merchant was good to see. She was brutally frank. She admitted to most of the things she did. That was good. One of the toughest question she faced was “She was very cold to Ali merchant.” She could also hold back and compose herself on the news of her grand parent death. She was surprised to hear Hrishant Goswami talking about her. One other surprising aspect was, she chose Shweta Tiwari vs Ashmit Patel when Salman Khan asked her Ashmit or Shweta.

Ali Merchant answers why he did not tell about Sara’s grand mothers death. He said that he was asked by Big Boss to not to tell the news from outside. Secondly, Sara’s parents had asked Ali to not to tell it to Sara.

Sara was seen coochie-cooing with actor Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss 4, before Ali stepped in. She says she is quite upset that her closeness with Ashmit was misconstrued.

“Ashmit is like an elder brother to me and he used to treat me like his sister. I was the youngest contestant on the show…so he really loved me and pampered me. I don’t think just because two people are close, they are dating each other,” Sara said.

“But I feel it was very kind of Bigg Boss to bring in Ali on the show. In three years, my name was never connected with anyone except Ali, and I am glad I have been able to come out with a clean image,” she adds.

Apart from settling into her married life, Sara now also plans to take up some new shows out of the “few offers” that she has in hand.

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  1. Sara h!

  2. jst wnt to knw which broder smells his sisters hair n sister gts all comfortable… definition of brother & sister………

  3. Sara and Ashmit keep claiming that they have a brother-sister relationship. I havent seen any such relationship between a brother and sister in my life…also if it was all good and accepted..then why did Ali have to come in and clarify the relationship.

    Its all a big drama…and their marriage was a biggest drama and not required stuff…dont know why Big Boss would make such a big mistake….

  4. Hi Bigg boss

    lagta hai justice me aap supreme court ko bhi piche rakh denge !!!! kitne paise diye hai KHALI ne apko for becoming a captain and for not to do any work ? YOU ARE REALLY SHAME FOR THE SOCIETY !!

  5. do not moderate my comment let him people should know your judgement criteria and your partiality towards particular person

  6. ho god this khali is gone mad instead of nominating that bitch veena he nominated sameer, he is nominated every week he is like a scapegoat. That stupid big boss really is impressed by that bitch veena that is the reason he kicked out that bitch sara who pretends to be sister of ass mith but god knows what relation they are in. Poor ali he is such a nice guy he got married to that bitch no 2 sara.bitch no 1 veena she is f***** bitch . I want to kick her on her ass n she will fly and fall in pakisthan. Veena hai hai , gali gali shor hai veena saali randi chor hai.

  7. hi em basit and i want to know that how sara go back in bigboss home two times ,y just bcuz she was famous

  8. sara don,t worry yaar all is well.u r so cute baby.
    congratulation to happy married life

  9. Big Boss 4 : Sara is angry with her folks at Salman Khan Bigg Boss ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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