Bigg Boss 4 : Sameer Soni and Seema Parihar nominated

This week the inmates were given a task of pairing up with one inmate having to stay blind folded and tie a rope around the neck and the other one keeping an egg in one palm and keeping the rope tied to the other inmate in his or her hand, there was quite a lot of confusion going on in the house.

Everyone was quite shocked with the tough task, but it was Sameer Soni who has Seema Parihar as his partner who came out real bold on the episode. Sameer Soni very openly said that Khali was taking advantage of his position as the captain of the house and hence he was not helping with the household chores at all. Now, Khali who happened to hear this was not quite happy with what Sameer had to say.

Thus, since it was the nomination day Khali got a great opportunity to take his revenge.

Bigg Boss asked Khali for the names he would like to nominate as he was the captain. Prompt came Khali’s reply and he took Sameer Soni and Seema Parihar’s names as voting had to be done in pairs.

Bigg Boss immediately declared that there would be no more nominations and thus Khali’s nominated names were finally taken as nominated for the week.

Thus this week there is Sameer Soni and Seema Parihar who are nominated. Watch tonight’s show to see what punishment Khali gets from Bigg Boss!

8 Responses to “Bigg Boss 4 : Sameer Soni and Seema Parihar nominated”

  1. good news………………….:)

  2. fake voting

  3. this is a simple ridiculuous decision of choosing samir and seema for eviction . It only shows that the show is onl\y run for TRP . Thats why it was give so immune to DOLLY and Kally .. We have observed that samir is humilated by Dolly and even though no action had been taken and it was also encourge .. Now the change over of Dolly proves that dolly action was scripted previously . Really fed up of this partialty “BIG BOSS” decision of choosing seema and Samir . The reason for scripted decision as per my vision : seema — notattracting the TRP . Samir — too gentle and previous image which hurts the BIG BOSS

  4. big boss donot be unfair with sameer.plz…………………

  5. big boss u have already done wrong with sameer not again..

  6. you r really gr8 !!!! only nominated the 2 person on the words of khali ! who himself is not doing anything and blaming to others. dont you think this is your partial decision ? i m very surprised ??????? . how much money they have given to you ?? (( Khali & Dolly ))

  7. Big boss its request pls be fair with sameer. donot prove that our doubts r true abot sameer………………………otherwise no doubt that u r partial. unfair and fake nd cannot tolerate honesty.

  8. khali was made captain just to nominate sameer.just planning.When sema was not captain for may days than her nomonated person was not voted out than sameer shouldnot ber voted out.BIG BOSS BE FAIR.

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