Bigg Boss 4 : Veena, Ashmit and Khali Nominated

Bigg Boss asked everyone to come to the confession room one by one and asked to name two people whom they wanted to nominate.

Khali: Ashmit & Veena
Shweta: Ashmit & Veena
Sameer: Ahsmit & Veena
Dolly: Ashmit & Sameer
Veena: Khali & Dolly
Ashmit: Khali & Dolly

Bigg Boss didn’t announce the name of the nominated housemates to them but announced to audiance.

8 Responses to “Bigg Boss 4 : Veena, Ashmit and Khali Nominated”

  1. ab veena ko wkyi hi bahr ho jana chye bcoz koi pakstani to final tk nai a skta na unko to srf chtkhara k lye bulaya tha but big boss last week tk srf indians hi puhnchny chye

  2. dont know why u keep an enemy country to abuse our indian nationals..veena malik should not be in this game..she is using this to enter bollywood..all her nakras and abusing our ladies..

  3. Hello salman khan how are today are ok big boss is the best and my is 07932755240and Please call brother shajad mushtaq

    Thank for help see brother

  4. isssssss veena ko to hunter se maro re baba

  5. veena ko to kuye mein dhakel do bhai shai mein

  6. hahahahahahahah i really want them to go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ashmit n veena (N)

  7. looks like Ashmit does not know his culture the way he is behaving he should remember which family he belongs and about Veena we dont have any expectations. Ashmit we are really ashamed of you.

  8. veena malik is worst thing imported from pak. we need onions from pak but not veena malik. after bigboss he should be duly exported to pak. she is a dhabba in the name of women. see, dolly didnt nominate veena, but how this lady reacted? she is blasphemous with a bigdahua asmit. psychic and no humans. dolly is the real indian lady. courageous, composed and on-the face. we love u dolly bindra

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